fuck you, prick  

bleedpapertears 35F
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3/28/2005 6:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

fuck you, prick

he told me not to be offended, or to take it personally. after i wasted all those minutes talking to him on the phone. and then he acted like an asshole when i started to cry. said the girls he hangs out with don't cry.. that they're tough and more competitive than him. then he said he was going to the movies with a friend and his girl friend, and they were going to have a threesome. what a fucking jerk. and i really thought he was different from everyone else. don't cry?! DON'T CRY?! it's your fucking fault i'm crying, you fucking douchebag.

vegas_sinner04 31F

3/28/2005 8:51 pm

what a dick head. you are way too good for him. tell him to fuck off.

peaker98 43F

3/28/2005 9:54 pm

people can be complete jerks. I know you're dissapointed and hurt-who wouldnt be? But really, its HIS loss. You can do much better! You deserve better and Im betting there are many many men who would be appreciative of your sensitivity-not critical of it.

Hold out for a real gentleman. You are worth too much for losers like that creep.

rm_quackingup 68M

3/28/2005 10:16 pm

honey, you are gorgeous! He does not know what a wonderful lady he is missing out on. I wish I were closer to where you live. Feel like I want to put my arms around you, hold you, and wipe the tears away for your beautiful face. But I am not close to you, so I will just give you this "cyberhug", and tell you that you don't need a jerk like him anyway. There are a lot of us nice, sensitive guys out there, and you will get an even better one in just a little bit. Hang in there honey, but go ahead and throw him some bad karma for me too, ok?

JohnJNY 36M
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3/28/2005 10:25 pm

and again i wished you were closer,, HOW COME ALL PEOPLE THAT LIVE FAR AWAY ARE ...far away..... and all the shity once...are next to me ,, "Slams beer bottle on his own head and passes out""

JohnJNY 36M
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3/28/2005 10:26 pm

p.s wow i noticed my avatar sucks...

bmb530 50M/49F

3/30/2005 11:53 am

blah blah blah.... not you but the guys out there. Are you really looking for a guy or are just wanting some one to care about you. Every one has something nice to say to try and make you feel better but do they really careo or are they just looking for the easy way in. You and I ahve yet to have a conversation but I do know this... A true friendship can have benifits and a true friend will care when you cry.

rm_Kmas 34M

3/30/2005 9:11 pm

well, bleedpapertears, i once had a wise woman say this to me: "All men are assholes to one degree or another. Some just hide it better than others."-
Be yourself shorty, i have noticed that the harder you try, the harder it is to be happy. It's when you give up that the good things seem to happen. My advice, just roll with it, handle those things which you need to, and don't try. If you are as real as you sound, you'll end up with a man that makes you happy! Kenn


4/23/2005 3:10 am

I don't even know what took place to make you distraught, but it is obvious from your pic and profile that you are an exceptionally beautiful young LADY. It is so difficult to find a woman who's mind matches or exceeds that of her body's. There are plenty of men that are genlemen. You just have to sort through all the scumbags pukes and fuckers to find them. I hate bastards who embitter women for life. And there are women who do the same. if you are born with a good heart, you will be subjected to predators attack. Like a kill team on a blood trail, they are nearly impossible to elude altogether. You can only learn from experience and know what warning signs too look for. and make sure your defenses do not keep out the one that you seek.

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