does it..  

bleedpapertears 35F
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3/24/2005 1:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

does it..

.. gross you out when you think about who else the person you're sleeping with has been sleeping with? does it appeal to you that this person may have been with 4 other people that same week prior to being with you?

i've always wondered about that. i find it interesting, though. because sex wasn't initially about pleasure. it was about spreading a man's seed anywhere and everywhere he could. but if that's the case, does that make us predestined to be 'slutty'? ::lol:: but now sex has evolved, and people are having sex for pleasure, and minus all the bullshit that comes with being in a relationship.

i just have this huge curiosity about human behaviour and psychology.

expatbrit49 64M

3/24/2005 4:55 pm

It dosnt bother me at all that my partner may have had sex with four other people that week, actualy It dosnt bother me if my partner has sex with four other people at the same time as me LOL

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

bmb530 50M/49F

3/25/2005 11:56 am

You are correct in saying that intially sex was spread the seed of man. And yes it has evolved into more of a pleasure sport than anything else. Being that it has become more for pleasure thatn anything you need to not worry about everyone elses habits and make sure that they understand yours. If they don't send them down the road and move on. Dolphins are the only other mammal on earth that have sex for plesure, I have yet to here them complain......

Looking4u1227 44M

3/26/2005 2:28 am

it is disgusting, that's why i don't think about it. Better yet, that's why I try not to sleep with sluts. I don't try that hard though.

pussyworshippe2 52M
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4/23/2005 3:38 am

Personally I love to share my girls I think there is nothing better than helping the you love achieve thier happiness in any way or form.You have more time to take in all their reactions as they are taken to a climax than you do when you are taking them to one and theres something exciting about sticking my hard cock or even tonque into a pussy that is allready swollen from a good fucking before.

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