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blackstiletto 34F
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2/1/2006 10:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You know you're hooked when... shout "Iggy!" to someone's face when he/she is abruptly annoying you. start seeing the words 'Fax Order Form' floating in your dreams. start addressing people by their handles and it doesn't help that their handles are along the lines of 'BigFatCock' and 'ThickClit'.

Anything else?


The other night I had a big challenge, testing how far my sexual prowess and flirtation skills can go. If it was as potent as I cut it out to be, then I should have no problems at all. But this time, some things were different. I was let loose with absolutely no make-up on, wearing only a baby tee, not my best bra and panties underneath, denim skirt and slippers!

Yes, slippers!

It was intimidating that I went to a swanky hotel lounge in KL just to prove myself. It's a place where everyone's presentably dressed, caucasians are in abundance and on a night when most females are out just waiting to be picked up so competition was aplenty. Off I go. Remarkably, one guy paid enough attention to me to make eye contact but I thought he was just too easy. And just when I thought I've lost it, enter... Mr. Too-Smokin'-Hot-To-Handle-Sweet-Piece-Of-Eye-Candy-Fucking-Devilishly-Handsome-And-Body-Oh-So-Hot-Makes-You-Wanna-Stick-Your-Tongue-Down-His-Throat-And-Give-Him-Head-Fuck-Him-Like-A-Bunny-Til-He-Screams-Your-Name-Over-and-Ov... you know what I mean. The bad news was... his girlfriend was in tow. Too bad but no big deal. And so, I spent the whole night trying to catch unsuccessfully.

Half an hour to go.

Undaunted, I perused through one last time, and unexpectedly, locked eyes with a man a few tables in front of me. How come I didn't see him before?. And for the longest time, we stared at each other until we both felt so silly we had to smile. Since then, every few minutes he would look my way and every time he did, I basked in the attention. I'd smile at him every now and then and he would do the same. He sat upright when he saw I was about to leave when the night was over, as if he wanted to say something to me but I guess he decided not to. I walked up the stairs, turned my head around and I see him raising his wine glass at me in acknowledgement. At that point, I realized I had accomplished something so much more than what I came for. Even though I went looking like a drab, there is always that rare breed or small percentage of men who will pay just that little bit more attention to you... simply because you were there. I mean, when was the last time you paid any real attention to that unattractive girl who just walked by? Who's sitting quietly in the corner at the club because no one's asked her for a dance? Who's left alone in the dark simply because no one takes notice? That girl was probably me.

manly939 37M
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2/1/2006 11:36 pm

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blackstiletto 34F

2/6/2006 1:27 am

[blog cummalot3] - I'll put you down on my waiting list. *lol* Just kidding. That night was an interesting experience though. I guess what you say is right. I always reminded all my guy friends that underneath all that make-up, I'm really not much of a looker. I look, erm, shall I say... average? But thanks for your thoughts. Good to know someone out there has as much depth.

ppppingu 45M
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2/6/2006 5:32 pm

i heard somewhere good looks are relative to confidence, and dressing up can help that, when needed, but it takes more confidence to just be yourself, so informal can look very good, be yourself, be happy, confidence grows, u look great, enjoy, the spiral goes up or down, have fun!! happiness shows..

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