Why am I Here?  

blacksexynerd 46M
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11/26/2005 2:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why am I Here?

Everybody on this site is looking for some kind of sexual satisfaction. Some people are looking for affairs, others for one-night stands, still others for their soulmates. Some want wild, hot, passionate intercourse; others want oral sex; others want various other fantasies. Some are looking for the opposite gender, others are looking for the same gender, and still others are looking for both genders.

If all of these people have a right to search for their desired sexual relief, then so do I. I don’t really know how to search, but I do know that if I do not try then I cannot possibly expect to succeed.

I hold a steady job; I work hard. I studied hard and got a good education. I am respectful to others. I try to set an example; I go above and beyond to help others. Feeling horny all the time shouldn’t be the price to pay for trying to do right.

Yet, because I don’t want sexual intercourse, it is difficult to fit in. People ask why I’m on this site instead of something “milder.” On the “milder” sites, people want to be in a relationship before anything physical…and then they want sex, too.

As I walk the road towards whatever my future holds in terms of a mate, I come here in search of someone with whom in a friendly manner I can find mutual physical release. We may not be each other’s final destination, but perhaps we can make the road more bearable for each of us. I may not be perfect to you, and you may not be perfect to me. I cannot “make” any woman be there for me to help me find the release I am seeking. But I can present myself here, revealing the hidden thoughts society says a role model doesn’t have. And maybe, just maybe, some woman here will have the kindness of heart to be open to mutual pleasure and release, even if she is not my “ideal woman.” In return, I will do all I can to bring her every joy that is within my power.

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