Types of Women I'd Like to Know  

blacksexynerd 46M
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6/10/2006 12:16 pm

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2/24/2007 5:38 pm

Types of Women I'd Like to Know

The Girlfriend
It takes a lot of compatibility to get here. I would love to be here, but only with the right person. She is my match in mind, body, and soul. This is an exclusive relationship and could lead to marriage, but it is not to be rushed. Nor is it to be pursued with the wrong woman. It is also best for the woman to not push for this. If I can do this with you, believe me, I will make sure you know.


Let’s be blunt, honest, and real. I am doing this because I am horny. If I had the girlfriend in my life, all of my horniness and sexuality and sensuality would be for her alone. But I do not have a girlfriend and I am ready to burst, so where will the sexual side of me go? Until I have a girlfriend, it goes to a woman who can enjoy receiving it, perhaps one who is one or more of the following types of woman. These are all types of women I respect, women I cherish. The lady who ultimately becomes my girlfriend could potentially be all of these women and then more, but for now they represent missing elements in my life and I seek a lady who can be something like at least one of these women:


The Club Partner
This is a woman I would kick it with at the clubs from time to time. We might just meet there for a few dances, or maybe we would go together and spend the whole time dancing together. But this is someone I dance closely with. She feels my erection as we dance and grind…and she enjoys it. And she enjoys making me cum this way. Maybe, if we are lucky, I'll be able to make her cum this way as well.

The Nightly Cuddler
This is a woman who sometimes wants a man to lay with her at night and cuddle with her, perhaps with a little kissing. She is okay with a little bit of grinding to make me cum a couple times, maybe once at the beginning and once before we part company. Ideally, I can make her cum from this, too.

The Sex Toy Aficionado
This is a woman who enjoys reaching orgasm via her sex toys and invites me to make her cum by having me use her toys on her. She is also okay with making her body a sexy toy to make me cum.

The Grabber
This is a woman who enjoys touching a man’s body, perhaps uninvited, perhaps unexpectedly, perhaps playfully, or teasingly. and who definitely enjoys touching, grabbing, holding, and playing with the penis. She is delighted that I freely welcome her doing this with me. She also likes touching and playing with my penis with her feet. And out of respect for my feelings and to prevent frustration, she always makes sure that one way or another I cum before she is done if I want to.

The Sexy Clothing Gift Lover
This is a woman who enjoys receiving sexy clothing gifts from me ‒ high heels, skirts, lingerie, swimwear, etc. She enjoys receiving them, she likes to wear them around me, she might like (not required, this is open to discussion) for me to take pictures of her in them (for her and my private use only), and she especially loves to make out/grind with me in the clothes I buy for her. They are in a true sense gifts to me as much as to her.

The Explorer
This is a woman who enjoys finding new ways for both me and her to experience sexual pleasure, as well as continuing to celebrate tried and true ways. She is someone who would enjoy everything from the traditional bed, to the movie theater, to the dark corner (in a safe neighborhood), to the beach, to locations I have never considered, and locations I introduce that she never considered.

The Sensual Traveler
This is a woman I know well and trust, who enjoys traveling out of town with me. But, to her, each trip must be a sensual experience ‒ a trip is not a trip until we have experienced an orgasm that is in some way connected to our destination.

The Experimenter
This is a woman who doesn’t necessarily have a lot of sexual experience, but she is out to try and experience new and different things. While we respect each other’s limits, we both feel free to come to each other with any new idea we have, knowing that the other will accommodate us if at all possible, but will never look down on us for any idea. She is literally thrilled by the prospect of fulfilling a sexual fantasy.


Are you one of these women?

prettypussy4004 88F

6/14/2006 3:27 am

I'm being totally honest here when I say have you tried a professional. She would be paid to fulfill whatever you need and go only as Far as you want her to go...it's much safer with outer-course and using dental dams and condoms. I say this because after reading your list of wants, it might be hard to find a woman that is sexually active to agree to this. One it might sound very safe but what happens if a woman agrees to no penetration but when she gets with you she feels different and wants more of you? Do you immediately send her packing to preserve your sexual status or what if it's a woman you like and feel safe with and you decide you want to go further or maybe the feeling is mutual? There are a lot of unanswered variables to this scenario that could make this type of hook up unpleasant for the female. This appears to really be about you so the best way to appease a need that we have is to go to a professional. I'm sure there are some on the site already just give them the amount you plan on investing and see were it goes...and no I doubt you will find a wife this way but who knows even a working girl is waiting for someone to whisk her off her feet. If you truly are not someone who judges people for what they do...you can find you a prostitute now and try to make her into a wife or find a wife and turn her into your prostitute...since I hear all married women are prostitutes anyway. I made a joke and I'm married for those who take this the wrong way).


No road is traveled alone, just know your journey is a shared one.

blacksexynerd 46M

6/14/2006 10:30 pm

Hi Pretty,

I appreciate your honesty and open-mindedness.

It's really not all about me. What's missing is what a woman wants -- and I don't know what a woman wants. I'd love for a woman to say, "I see you want this, but I want x," whatever "x" might be. And then we would talk to see if we could reach a common ground to please us both. I would LOVE to see a woman's version of this list to see what things I could give her.

I don't want a professional because I want someone who wants to touch me, not someone who has disconnected their physical activity from their emotions and is just touching me for money. I have tried the professional route before.

If a woman gets with me and wants more, that would be a hard situation. But I do not and will not send her packing. She might leave because she wants more than I can give. But I would try everything I could to find a way to please her, including using toys. (They do nothing for me, but some of them could help compensate for me not being inside of her.)

Now if this is a woman I could marry, then if she can hold on long enough, we could end up married and I will have no sexual limits with her then. I joke and say I'll be a virgin until the limo ride from the wedding ceremony. Of course I won't actually have sex for the first time in a limo, but I bet it will be within an hour after leaving the reception.

I might not find a woman who can do any of these things. I wish I had been at this point in high school - it definitely would have been easier to find someone then. I would guess it might take finding a woman like me - someone who has a very high sex drive, but very little sexual experience, is curious, and wants to experiment, but has moral or other limits as to how far she will go. Or someone who is seeing multiple partners and can get what she isn't getting from me from someone else. Or someone who can play without getting emotionally attached. Or someone suitable to be my mate who can wait for marriage for intercourse.

One other thing. I had a pretty long list of different types of women. I probably won't find a woman who can be all of these things. I would be fine with a woman who is ONE of them. I know, for instance, the Club Partner should be out there somewhere.

rm_kandieygirl 47F
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7/26/2006 9:19 am

Ok all kidding aside.Listen up babyboy"The girlfriend thing who are you camparing her to cause no REAL woman likes to be compared to anyone.A real woman if she's real(as i am)Gives you her best and please please you her way.And no marriage is rushed unless something is wrong or someone feels insucure.The club Partnersounds ok you might get one just for that.The NightCuddler who the hell don't want someone to cuddle with or occationally wake up next to.Now The Sex Toy Girl Shit i say that's a winner there,but there are toys to make a man cum to.,The Grabber sounds very intresting and is another winner .The sexy clothing gift lover Is also a winner.What woman don't like sexy clothes to show off her curves and sexyness that brings out the Beast within.No the explorer is a curiosity thing and alot of people are curious about something.The travler is another winner everyone needs a get away for a sexy encounter or relaxation ,And lastly The Experimenter well enough said experince is for everyone.So you have some winners and some well you may not.A woman willing to do /be all that will definatly blow your mind.

blacksexynerd 46M

7/28/2006 9:59 pm

Sounds good to me.

Except I don't want any toys to make me cum - all I need to cum is a woman. Yeah, there's such a thing as adding spice and variety, so I may well want those toys at some point, but for now, a woman is all I need.

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