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12/16/2005 11:28 pm

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My dad got me this 13 year old birthday present....It's old, you barely read the writing on it. All you see is 17% Pepper, its red. Surprises, I always wonder what color it was. Never played with it or had to use it.

I thought my dad was full of it, every time I went out with my friends and leave it at home. He'll beep me on my pager, 'Where's your pepper spray? Get your ASS HOME and come get it!'

Man I thought my father was over protected, he knew all my friends and my boyfriend.

Later in years, after my boyfriend got fed up with my father either paging me or him when I forgot it. He started reminding me to bring alone.

Then years later living with the same boyfriend and your 18 or 19 years old he's now program to make sure I bring my pepper spray when I'm just out with the girls.

Last night, I met up two girls, got left at the bar for they just took off with these guys...they left with out saying they were leaving. These guys had a buddy was told to take me home.

I never got home by him; instead he got mouth full of pepper spray for I miss his eyes. He wouldn't take no for answer. I didn't want to park. When he turn off the road from the direct destination. I told him, 'Uh I want to go home, and I’m not interested in parking.'

He said he just wanted to talk for bit....then he parked. I repeated myself, I want to go home.

When he tried to kiss me, I grabbed his throat and spray him. Brought up my leg and kick him in the chest to get him off of me. I ran in these orchards near this farm home.

I had cell phone - called my sitter.

Take it from me, when I say I want to go home or NO. I really mean it!

The bad mistake that guy made was trying something on me, when I was Kick the curb by a couple of 'SANKS!!' or 'HO BAGS!!' Here's one 'HOLE IN THE MATTRESS EASY FITTED SHEETS....'

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