Well (sorry if this has written errors)  

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12/17/2005 10:35 am

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Well (sorry if this has written errors)

I'm off this site until I bounce back from this ordeal. I'll be back, I'm god's play toy in making him laugh when he test me. I'm just his Joan of ARK.

This is twice now -

First time-

I found someone I met, the bad part is I fell for him. I just wanted to be honest with my feeling with him. He's actually nicest man I met so far.

I fell for him plus the way he touch me was better than I have gotten for a long time. I hate to say it, really I really hate to say this he was better than my first love for...well I knew him since sand box age until he died at 22.

If first night with him, I cry for I felt I betray the only man that really did love me.

Yeah, I'm like everyone else in this site...we all have issues in our lives that some can get over and move on. Some just have hard time letting go.

He's not ready for exclusive sexual 1 on 1 relationship. I moved to fast on him, at least he still my friend.

He was only guy with a smile that said I Have a blue halo, my blood is red with warmth and passion. I just need you to hold me. In his picture is dark sort of, but you see he's glowing as if he's an angel to secure you from your troubles.

Half of me, wish I never was so honest with him...for now he doesn't hold me like he did.

Second time-
What happen last night - I'm tired of being home all the time. I'm tired of being depress hurting of my divorce and stressing out on things.

I'm with my kids every day, I love them dearly...just I need a break!

When your surround by stress day in and day out, your broke all the time. You get that one open door to go out and have good time. I'm like a puppy dog wagging her tail...let's go - let's go. Even it no where special, just going for coffee or being invite to to cut up a deer in some other place than you own prison cell of house.

Just being with a friend and talking to them in person something so simiple can just lift up your day from all the negativity that surrounds you.

Yeah I got your IM's and you can kiss my ASS! Yeah what I said in the post before. Yeah I was rude in calling you guys Sanks or my favorit Hole in Mattress Easy Fitted Sheets.

I rather be honest, instead of lieing in your face as you read it.

One rule - It's soldier Rule - WildLand Fire Fighter CODE of Honor ( A Vet or Retire persay ) - Maybe a COPs rule.

NO body get's left behind, You go in there as ONE and you come out as ONE.

So you guys weren't the guy, the point is we went as one.

So kiss my ass!

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