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2/9/2006 4:14 pm

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This account is close, I've fallen in form of darkness.

I'm lost........

Thank you for adding me to your friends list, but I've been messing up lately.

For the girls I was chatting with and gotten close to. I'm sorry I'm going have to bid you guys farewell.

My male companion and I are just friends now and thank you for talking to me and allowing to get to know you guys.

It was really nice dreaming what it would be like kissing and hugging you and with my companion. He and I aren't that close as I thought we were and I miss-understood what our friendship was. I though it was moving in direction to have a bond to invite someone else to share that bond with and too show one special gal the love we have for each other to shower you with.....

Sara you are beautiful, I love your eyes and things you showed me on the camera. It would have been nice meeting you in person. Maybe one day your find a couple that is in love with each other...can show you that passionate love.

I'm sorry, I took turn that my depression was never cure or love never found me.....

I not going to be on messagener for while....infact I'm deleting it. Not that I don't want to talk to you. I just don't feel happy no more......

You are really beautiful, I would have been in heaven, if I had partner....that was more than friend.

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