My kids are on a Date, I'm just tagging along.  

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1/14/2006 6:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My kids are on a Date, I'm just tagging along.

Well some men are pushy and wanting to be with me, no matter what is in store. Even if risking their nerves and trying to talk to me with my kids screaming in my ears. The kids work their little buts off in helping me get the house square away, for they were enticed into a major incentive to do so……’Bowling’

A friend of mine that has access to my date calendar notice ‘Reserved for Kids ‒ No dates’ He offered to take my kids and I out to bowl with all his kids.

Smurfdogg2 is just a very good friend and became the kid’s best buddy.

It is funny how my daughter and son are ok with me dating. At first they hated the idea and complain and excluding their friends for, this house is a kids house and I’m suffering from multiple personality disorder, one third of me is ‘Mother Superior’, the other third ‘Superior Bitch of Discipline (that doesn’t come offend - only if needed) and the other half is suffering from the ’80’s peter pan syndrome.’ (I love Cindy Luaper ‒ Madonna ‒ Debbie Gibson, Any thing in the 80’s) My kids pretty much rule the house with me as a team.

First guy I dated she didn’t like at all and thought he was the high school principle and she got to know him. Plus telling her what he did for a living, she was impress. She really likes him now. First thing, she said prior to meeting him was, ‘NO man is going to ruin our fun and dancing around the house, Playing dress up. No he can’t move in!’ Then when I told her, that I am dating not creating a nest for him and he is not moving in. Maybe later in year or two if I fall deeply in love with someone that can happen, so right now if fun and us.

Second Guy in Dating, she flipped and so did I at that time on a miss understanding what dating all about. She was in tears, ‘what happen to ‘So and So’ ‒ who this guy, smurfdogg2’. Now she likes him and I think she now understand what dating is and friendship is.

Then the third guy, leaving his wallet at my house and showing up in his uniform, she thought I was busted. Try to explain why he showed up and I’m not in trouble….then the big question happen. ‘Dating um mom, you’re not having sex with all of them?’

The answer is clear; NO….dating doesn’t have anything to do with SEX and truthfully NO. Except for one honestly and that is my choice. Everyone else is just my friends, unless I feel confident enough to take on another sex partner and I think we’re compatible in away. I am not on here to scored points in sexual play or less see, how many guys I can screw in a week.

Mostly I just meet people.

Tonight it’s not I going on date, my kids are plus their friend are. I am just tagging along for the ride…..Like it said on my calendar, ‘RESERVE for KIDS!’

Any way my house chores list for the day is done except I have only two loads of laundry left to do. I am so tired, but this means a lot to the kids and they want to go. I’m not into bowling, more in to darts and playing pool. Like I said I’m just tagging along and they are on the date. Giggle.

I'm at the ending of my erotic story I've been working on between cleaning house. Just need to edit it and post it tomorrow morning in the Magazine.

You all have nice day.

sideline1968 49F

1/14/2006 7:50 pm

Thanks for letting me stick my head in your front door. It's my first visit to your home. What a nice, refreshing view. Mind if I stop back by?

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