My daughter's friend blood sugar and trio-slumber party was -  

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1/15/2006 7:17 am

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My daughter's friend blood sugar and trio-slumber party was -

I’m up, my daughter’s friend is a diabetic and last night at the bowling alley her blood sugar was HI and that all it said, ‘HI!’. I try calling her dad once there and can’t find him. Especially throw all his girl friends.

Well she said she doesn’t want to go home and she can still bowl and she was doing really well. She just drank water and that’s about it.

Got her home after mid-night and gave her another check and it was still ‘HI’!. Try calling her daddy and still couldn’t find him and call the emergency room. The one ER attending told me they can’t admit her unless I’m a parent or have a parent permission slip. Which I had one but it was expired.

So ‘Eck Yuck Syrup’ to the rescued was given! She threw up and threw up and eventually it went down to 360, I figure since it finally was reading a number, where in the clear.

(((Ring Ring))) ‘Hay he’s home, just I think he turn off his phone and been home all night!’, from one of his ladies friends.

Well too late now, I figure we were taking care of it.

5:30am ‒

My daughter’s friend come climbing into bed with me, yes I had my PJ’s on. Well I always do with I have house full of kids. Just laid there looking at me and playing with my hair (Braiding it). Until Jar Jar my dog started licking my face…..That woke me up!

I look over thinking it’s my son again, no (Shock!) my daughter’s friend. “I don’t feel good!” She was pale and her eyes were dilated. We check and it’s said, ‘HI!’

So I took her home ‒

Then knocking on her daddy’s front door, no luck in getting in, then her daddy’s bedroom window, no such luck! I said fuck-it and went in through the Cat door, which is smaller than my dog door. I must have lots some weight on my hips! Just my chest well it was hell to get through until I shifted them around some.

I went right to his room, woke him up from a trio-slumber. I just walk right in and flip on the switch….giggle. “EXCUSE ME ! YOUR daughter blood sugar is reading ‘HI’!

‘WHAT FUCK! Why didn’t you just call!’ “I did, and I believe you turn off your ringer!” and he went to check. So he did! And I just look at him and push him against the wall and gave it to him! “YOU ever turn off your ringer while I have your daughter or anyone have your daughter, pushing you is level one of my bitchy attitude. Next time I’ll scalp your ass!”

One of his girls, ‘I don’t know who the hell you think you ARE….blah Blah’, as the other one was trying to put her two cent in, He just looked at them, “My daughter’s diabetic and this is medical emergency and get dress you two and get the fuck out of my house!”

Next thing, he’s on his knees apologizing for his fuck up! His fuck up, if any of you all didn’t catch it, His ringer was off and he has a high risk of child to do such a thing bull-shit thing in turning off his ringer!

I don’t mine baby sitting, dam-it the fuckin hell; you have a high risk of child, I need numbers, contact list or something to get a hold of you. OR, I will have my own authority and my own way in dealing with your ass. I will walk-in your house or break ‒ in on medical emergency. Especially if you’re a dearest friend and I know you and your animals to just walk in or find a way in.

Especially if there’s no money involved for babysitting just exchange for a little help here and there in watching my kids when I want to go out….FREE of CHARGE!

zoopc42 48M

1/15/2006 9:28 am

I am so glad things turned out evetually. I don't know what I would do in this situation though. never having kids myself.

still real scary.

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