Erotic Post from Romantic Man (MLM part one)  

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12/20/2005 8:49 pm

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Erotic Post from Romantic Man (MLM part one)

OK well first we head out on the boat this summer. The ski boat. We have been playing hard all day water skiing and tubing. We are packing in the ski boat and we have been messing with each other all day (sexually). You bend over in front of me and I slap that sweet ass. I say we should get in one last time befor and cool off befor we head back to the house to get wild in bed. I take off my shorts and jump in the water, you join me. We get back into the boat and I grab you. I lie you on the back set of the boat and I kiss your lips and slowly move down to your firm chest and play with you nipples sucking softly, I then move down and slowly kiss your tummy and then spread your legs and inch down kissing all the way. I roll my tounge around your clit, working the mint pouch in my checks to bring out its flavor for you to feel. Warming your clit. I roll my tounge into you working in and out faster and faster. Moving from your warm sweet insides to your swallon clit. Making love to you with my tounge. Care to chat email me back.

(I change it to a yacht)As I quiver with high emotion and begging you to stop for the mint pouch was just too much for I too take. I lifted up and push you off of me and slammed you on flooring, for I’m so overwhelm with such energy.

Grabbed your hair, tilted you neck and nibble slightly but allowing you feel my teeth upon your neck. As I whisper in your ear, ‘You want to be a naughty boy?’ As I flip my hair and allow it to slowly drag across you face and down mid- line to you chest as my tongue lick down you chest.

As I got to your belly button and I start to purr and ask you to feed me my bowl of fruity wine. As you took the wine glass and pour it in to you belly button, as I simply lick and suck it all down.

I’m waiting for your reply back…..

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