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Elf Meaning


I can be hurt by it…..it just didn’t make since. Elf are earthly souls….So lets examine the word Elf.

E = Extra-Terrestrial ‒ Every ‒Exciting ‒ Earth
L = Living ‒ Lovely ‒ Lying ‒ Life ‒ Lovely ‒ Laughing - Liberation
F= Form ‒ Female - Front
He could of mean :

Opinionated Way of Speaking
Earth Liberation Front :
• The Earth Liberation Front "ELF" is an underground movement with no leadership, membership or official spokesperson.
• There is no ELF structure; "it" is non-hierarchical and there is no centralized organization or leadership.
• There is no "membership" in the Earth Liberation Front.
• Any individuals who committed arson or any other illegal acts under the ELF name are individuals who choose to do so under the banner of ELF and do so only driven by their personal conscience.
• These choices are not endorsed, encouraged, or approved of by this websites management, webmasters, affiliates, or other participants.
• The intention of this web site is journalistic in intent: to inform and chronicle issues related to ELF.

Ok, yes…he got me. I’m very opinionated and I’m so forthcoming with my honesty. I don’t need structure in my life for I am my own person. (At least I’m trying to be.)

Sci-Fi way of looking at it.

Extra-Terrestrial Living Form:

Sometime I can be a little flaky at times, and so out of space with my assumption and reasoning for doing things.

Negatively Speaking

Every Lying Female:

That proves my Last letter to him to be on the nose on my assumption on the lecture of Lying and why he was up front with his direct way of speaking or warning me, not to ever lie to him. Then I was right his Ex-wife is a lying bitch and hurt him sorely and deeply.

Positively speaking

Every Lovely Female

Then Thank You……..

Majestically Speaking:

My real name in Elvish is :

Séreméla Telrúnya , They, well Elfs are beautiful creature in majestically fanstacy way.

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