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blackNL2 30M
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4/9/2006 8:21 am
My Date

On Friday me and my date went to see a movie in the theater called The Shaggy Dog LOL she picked the movie i paid for the food and tickets came up to $30 hehe strange when the movie about to begin my date started getting comfy and about 15 mins in the movie she started frenching me......she told me it was the first time she tried frenching a guy so i told her it was my firest time frenching a girl..after the movie we went to get the bus...well she gets the bus but i walks cause i live close to the mall but before she got on the bus she kissed me on the lips and told me she loves me so yea i kissed her back and said i love you to...then she got on the bus and left now im hoping she calls me after she's done work around 5: 00pm cause we might go to the mall and go to the Flea market or she might come down to my house and no were not having sex ontell she's ready and im ready YEA... were virgins LMAO

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