Roxy, continued.  

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3/4/2006 3:43 pm

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Roxy, continued.

So your ******..... quite a reputation you have... you do know that a handful of the men you have been with recently know eachother.... and your suppose to be a player? Shouldnt mess with another woman's man especially of if
they are married..... you dont want what you do getting out to the wrong people..

merry christmas

My response to her was this:

See the thing is, I haven't been with a handful of men, lol. Just the one. I'm not supposed to be a player. Never claimed to be one. And if your man strays, sounds like you have the problem. Not me.

Getting out what I do. I'll gladly tell anyone. I'm a single mom. I have a father who is dying of cancer that I am taking care of. I'm mad because he is a good person and mean people are constantly living long prosperous lives, and when his fortune finally came, he can't enjoy it. I leave the house twice a day and then only on weekdays.

I joined a site to talk to people in a chat room because I was lonely and wanted to meet people with something in common. I'm a nice person who gets treated like shit by practically everyone I meet. Possibly you are one of them. It remains to be seen, but wouldn't surprise me. This is how my life works. I accept whatever happens, unless there is a threat to my daughter. I fear nothing because EVERYTHING always happens to me. Not a pity story. Truth.
I found a friend. I thank God for him. He is truly a good person, like my dad. Not many people would help you clean up after an incontinent cancer patient who is practically a stranger when you aren't even in the medical profession.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Roxy. And good luck in all your relationships. I have been extremely blessed with mine.

After that I never heard from her. Now this. I still only leave the house about twice a day, but that was from depression. Dad died about 5 days before Christmas. I'm trying to get out more, because the house is closing in on me. He died here, in my house. I think I'm going to have to move again, because I can't even sleep anymore much. I know the grief process takes a while, and fortunately I have a lot to keep my mind off of it, and now I have this puzzle to solve...

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