Day Three continued  

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3/4/2006 3:37 pm

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Day Three continued

I had included her email address but apparantly the staff here have edited it out, anyway, after posting the last one, I noticed that it said 'see you this weekend' and I wonder if they meant online, or in person. I don't go out hardly at all, and I don't keep female friends, so I'm really curious as to who this sad little person is...

The girl that was out of the country was really in love with this guy that was going out with me. Infatuated, or obsessed would be a better word. I didn't want to hurt her, because the same thing had happened to me with a man in Scotland. When I had gone through all the trouble of buying a ticket to go see him, and keep in mind Scotland is 6,000 miles away or more, he bailed. I was crushed, and at the time, out about 2g's cause I bought a non-refundable ticket. Love makes you do stupid things.

I didn't want her to go through this, so I was going to buy her a ticket here, sponsor her a visa and such, so she would have a chance to meet her true love. By this time she told me she had hacked into his email...WHAT???!!!!! This caused me to hit the brakes, cause that is crossing the line.

He had a little group of friends here for support, and they had a blog together and all, and he was going to be fine, so I decided to step out of the game. I simply didn't want to play anymore. In fact, this was not my original screen name here, many of you may remember me as SBG. I closed that one, and two others I had, and simply backed out. I sent an apology letter to him, stating that I was sorry, and I believed she was unstable. I thought that was that, until these letters. So, since I thought I had figured it out to be the girl that was out of the country, I sent a second one on the third day:

Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 14:57:10 -0800
Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Celti*****
To: "Chris johnson" cchrissy @

I get it Celti*****, you aren't getting as much drama as you need on hotmatch so you decide to harass me, first you pretend you are someone named Roxy Thomas, and now Chris Johnson. And to think I was going to sponsor you to come to this country. We have enough crazies here.

NOTE about the Roxy thing, they had also sent me letters about 3 months ago with the same general message but then she faded away. I have it here somewhere, found it. See next post.

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