3somes can be wonderful  

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8/6/2006 8:21 am

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8/23/2006 8:01 am

3somes can be wonderful

It's been a long time since I have checked in. I really haven't had anything I wanted to say until now.
My fantasy, that I describe in my profile, was to lick a guy's cock and gal's pussy while they fucked and then licked/sucked both clean after he came. It finally happened.
I joined a couple for an afternoon of play. They like to warm up a 3some by watching porn videos which is always a turn on for me. We began to undress and she began to suck her husband's dick while on her hands and knees. I got behind her and began to lick her pussy and ass. I got too hot too fast and needed to start fucking her. When I pushed inside her, her husband wheeled around under her and began to lick me and her while we fucked. I came too quickly but he was there ready and waiting, sucking my cock into his mouth and kept sucking after I had finished inside her. God it felt good. And he was great, sucking until I had enough, which usually takes a while. Then he returned to his wife to lick the last of my cum from her pussy.
I know, that is the reverse of my fanatasy. But I knew I was going to get there, I was just too aroused to wait for it. It was probably just as well b/c now that the edge had been taken off I could focus on returning the favor.
So we shifted positions, his wife got on top of me so I could lick her pussy and any stray cum that he had missed while she easily sucked on my mostly quiet dick. He then mounted from behind the same as I had a few minutes before and I finally got the chance of licking both cock and pussy together. So cool. So hot.
He would fuck her for a few mintues, pull out and I would suck his dick or just focus on her pussy, then he would put it back in. This went on for a while which was great for me b/c I could suck dick or pussy while all the time she was quietly working my cock with her mouth.
Finally, he came. As he pulled out I was eagerly waiting for him and immediately sucked his cock into my mouth to clean him up. I probably didn't do him justice though b/c I knew that the time I spent on his cock his cum was leaking out of her pussy. So I let go of his cock and returned to his wife. I saw his cum draining down her thigh and immediately began to lick it back up to her pussy where I tried to lick and suck whatever cock and pussy juice that was left. I noticed another line of cum caught in the cleft of her thigh and ass and so immediately got in there and licked that up too. By now, her thighs, bottom and all the area around her pussy were very juicy and I loved getting my face wet while I was trying to gobble up as much as possible.
When I had done all I could I turned back around and began to kiss her. I loved having her kiss the pussy and cock juices off my mouth and face.
I was so deeply involved in my cleaning expedition that I don't remember what the husband was doing at this time but I know that I was absolutely thrilled by what had just happened. We laughed and chatted about what we had just done and before long we got into a sucking daisy chain. He was sucking me, I was licking his wife and she was sucking him. Then she and I began fucking again. I was on top for a while and he knelt in front of me so I could suck his cock while I was fucking his wife. That was really cool. She then turned me over and she got on top. She rode me well, positioning on my cock so that it felt great to both of us. I finally had another big orgasm. This time I was still feeling horny so I rolled out from under her while she was still on her hands and knees and got behind her and licked her pussy clean again and licking up the juices that leaked down her thighs. But with her ass up in the air I could not resist giving her ass hole a good licking too. I loved it. It seemed she did too.

We lay still for a while, watched the videos that had continued to play the whole time. After a while I was beginning to get the feeling again and I asked her if she were up for one last time. She smiled and rolled onto her back for me so I could get on top this time. I slowly fucked her again. It was a while before I came but it still felt really good b/c she was very sensual in how she worked her pussy on my cock and it was exciting to watch her facial expressions as well. After I came I was done. I rolled off and lay beside her. Her husband was watching us and seemed to enjoy watching his wife having fun.
Soon thereafter we got dressed and I went home. But the whole event was like a fantasy dream come true. I was able to lick, suck and fuck as much as I wanted the way I wanted and it was wonderful.
I have to confess I grew an erection typing this. What a day. It is one I will never forget.

oldfogey1 82M/74F

8/11/2006 8:31 am

This has been my dream ever since I realized i am bi. I love the thought of tonguing my wife's clit while a man fucks her. If it leads to having his dick in my mouth as I suck off their combined juices, so be it.

If this gentleman ever gets to the point he can do my wife in the evenings or on Saturdays or Sundays, he'll have her as long as he wants. She loves to suck a dick to completion too.

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