Few More Jokes  

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8/23/2005 9:54 pm

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Few More Jokes

Q:What Do You Get If You Cross A Kiwi With A Gorilla?

A:Retared Gorilla.

Q:What's Brown And Lives In The ATTIC?


Q:Why Do Blokes Have Spines?

A:To Stop Them Sucking Their Own Cocks.

Q:How Do You Cancel An Appointment At The Sperm Bank?

A:Just Tell 'Em You Can't Come.

Q:What's The Best Way To Catch Pamela Anderson?

A:A Booby Trap.

Q:What Happened When The Female Barrister Dropped Her Briefs?

A:She Became A Solicitor.

A Sheila sat down on a park bench to eat her

lunch.When she finished,feeling a bit tired,she

stretched out her legs and lay down.After a while

a homeless man came over and said, "hello love,

how about a root?" "how dare you!" said the woman,

"I'm not one of your cheap pick-ups." "well then,"

said the man "what are you doing lying on my

fucking bed?"

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