The Vacation...Part 1  

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10/4/2005 4:15 pm

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The Vacation...Part 1

We made reservations at an island resort in the Caribbean, since no one there would know either of us we decided it would be the ideal location for us to do some things we'd only talked about doing but had never done before. Shortly after we arrived at the resort we decided to go shopping for the skimpiest bathing suit we could find for me. You could barely keep your hands to yourself while I was trying them on. I could tell by the bulge in your pants you would definately need a release soon. I pulled you into the dressing room with me and tugged on your shorts to free your cock. My mouth slowly wrapped around the head of your cock and started sucking, bringing you to an orgasm quickly, filling my mouth with your cum. I slowly got to my feet and kissed you deeply with the taste of your cum still lingering in my mouth. Finally we decided on a black string bikini, you kept telling me how hot I looked in it and I could see you starting to get hard again. Quickly we paid for it and rushed back to our hotel. You asked me to put the bikini back on but only after you took me to the bathroom and shaved my cunt for me. Your hands on my pussy made me so wet while you were shaving me I could hardly hold still. I almost came when you washed me. You gently kissed my pussy and then told me to go put the bikini on. I dressed quickly. The bottom to the bikini was a perfect fit it showed off my ass so well, each round plump cheek out there for the world to see. And the top was almost 2 sizes too small for my large breasts but you assured me I looked absolutely perfect in it. I could tell by the hardon you were sporting it was going to be a vacation to remember. You took my hand and ran your fingers thru my long red hair and said, "God Mel you are so beautiful." We spent the rest of that first evening in our room making love.
The next morning you woke me by climbing between my thighs and sliding your thick cock into my pussy. My eyes still closed I start rocking with every stroke you make, moaning quietly. My eyes start to flutter open and you have a huge smile on your face and whisper, "Good morning my lil rosebud." My hands reach up to your face, "Good morning my lil cupcake." After we both came you kissed me softly on the lips and told me to go get in the shower and get dressed, that you'd be back in a few moments with something for us to eat. I climbed in the warm shower, still feeling horny I leaned up against the wall and let the water rush over my breasts and run down my pussy. Rubbing it gently for it was a lil sensitive after all the action it had received over the last 24 hrs, bringing myself to a wonderful orgasm in the shower. When I came out of the shower there you were sitting with breakfast all ready for me. You smiled brightly and asked if I enjoyed the shower. I leaned over you and kissed your forehead and said, "Absolutely, it was lovely." You winked at me and said, "So I heard."
On our first full day there we were out on the beach. We walked along the shore until we found a relatively secluded spot, scattered with only a handful of people. We spread out our blanket and stretched out under the warmth of the sun. After several minutes of you coaxing me I finally got up enough nerve to stand up and remove the top of my bikini, my breasts fully exposed. You reached over to our bag and pulled out a camera. You told me you had always wanted pics of me on the beach in the nude. You took several pics of me without my top on, your cock growing in your shorts the whole time. On the way back to the hotel I rubbed your cock thru your shorts. In the elevator up to our room I slid my hand down the back of your shorts and rubbed your ass. It was a matter of seconds after we got off the elevator I pushed you against the wall in the hallway and kissed you hard my hands working quickly to undo the zipper and button on your shorts....sliding down the length of the hallway to our room. You struggled with the card for the door by that time your pants were down around your ankles and I was stroking your cock from behind kissing your shoulders. Once inside the room I pushed you back onto the bed and quickly grabbed your cock and stuffed it in my mouth. My head bobbing up and down on your throbbing cock, working you up to the brink, watching your body tense just as you explode in my mouth. You came so hard I nearly choked on the first shot of cum. You were still hard after that I climbed on top of you and let your cock slide into my tight hot ass. I moaned so loud when your cock was in as deep as it could go, I came instantly. Bucking wildly on your cock, you'd thrust your cock hard into my ass. I came over and over again until you were dumping your load so deep in my ass. We both were exhausted and drained we fell asleep wrapped tightly in one anothers arms.
That next morning we returned to the same spot on the beach, even though there were more people this time I took my top off right away. My nipples were erect, but then again when aren't they. I knew the men around me were watching me and you could tell how turned on I was by the newly acquired attention I was receiving. We laid on the beach til it was too much for me to handle. I rolled over and whispered, " I have to fuck you right now!" I kissed you hard, rubbing your cock thru your shorts. You were already so hard, I slid my bikini bottoms to the side and guided your fingers to my soaking wet hole. You whispered, " Good God Mel your pussy is so wet." I climbed off the blanket and headed out to the water. Motioning to you, you climb off the blanket and head to the water too. I met you at the waters edge and we walked out together until the waves lapped at our shoulders. I slipped my hand down your trunks and started rubbing your hard cock. I whispered in your ear, "I'm so hot I can't stand it--fuck me right here." You quickly pulled down your trunks and I pulled off my bottoms. You started rubbing the head of your cock against my clit. I wrapped my legs around your waist and you supported my ass. My breasts were clearly out of the water for anyone to see. You shoved your cock deep into my flaming cunt as hard as you could, and we fucked right there in the ocean. The water was so clear people passing by knew exactly what we were doing. At that point we could have cared less. We came right there at the same time. You kissed me softly and pulled your trunks back on and returned to the blanket to allow me to swim. When you looked back over at me you saw me coming out from the water, and you noticed I was carrying my bottoms in my hand. I was completely nude walking out of the water and over to you on the blanket. You grabbed the camera from the bag and started taking pictures. You asked me to go back into the water so that you could get a pic of me coming out. I obliged. After you had taken enough pictures of me to suit your needs we quickly grabbed our things and headed back to our hotel.
I was feeling a lil uncomfortable with the sand on my skin so I jumped into the shower first thing. When I came out I sat down on the edge of the bed with my cunt staring at you. My fingers spreading my lips inviting you in. I told you in a stern voice, "Eat my pussy NOW." You immediately got down on your knees and buried your face into my hot cunt. I grabbed your head and pushed you deeper into my cunt. You began nibbling on my hard clit and I quickly came in your mouth over and over again. I returned the favor and took your cock licking it and sucking it from bottom to top. Then I slid my beautiful lips over the head of your throbbing monster. I took all of it into my mouth and made you cum right away. I kept at it until I had sucked the absolute last drop of your cum into my mouth. Only then did I release your cock from my mouth.
That next day we had planned on playing tennis with a couple we had met the first night on our trip. I put on the shortest tennis skirt I could possibly find and neglected putting a bra on just a very tight jersey. During the first game I went up for an overhead smash. My skirt fluttered up from the breeze and you gasped---you didn't realize not only had a left the bra off but I hadn't worn panties either. I could tell it was nearly impossible for you to concentrate on the match knowing I wasn't wearing panties, and you could tell by how hard my nipples were I was enjoying it. Not to anyones suprise we lost the first match, during the second I had to go back by the fence to retrieve a ball. When I bent over I was sure to give everyone an exposed shot of my bare ass. Needless to say we won that next match. Afterwards the couple offered to buy us drinks on the patio overlooking the tennis courts. I was so wet with perspiration by then that my top had become see thru. If that wasn't enough I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs to tease the couple with flashes of thigh and bush. When we finally parted the husband shook your hand and said to you, "Your wife is one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on." Meanwhile getting punched in the arm by his wife. But she winked and said, "She is definately something else." and gave me a kiss on the lips.............

separate42 55M  
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12/2/2007 1:05 pm

Good lord lady! If I'd known your blog was so hot Id've read it long ago!

rm_hardinia2 59M

12/15/2005 8:28 am

really enjoyed your story - it got my tool nice and hard! I think we maybe we should get together and make some of your fantasies come true

rm_studmanWC 49M
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12/10/2005 2:46 am

Male webster city here contact me @AdultFriendFinder if interested inmeeting sometime. Damn u have me hot

iamower29man 42M

12/3/2005 9:11 pm

DAM talk about your HOT sex storys i love it i cant wait to chat with her

Jory72 46M
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10/8/2005 12:35 am

mmmmmmm, wow. i picture myself as your man in this story. it's got me almost screaming for more. i can't wait till the rest of the story. i doubt if i'll go soft for a while, damn!!!

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