Words to help women understand men....  

bingybongy 56M
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8/23/2006 3:29 pm

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Words to help women understand men....

Sometimes, one comes across a lyric in an unusual place that strikes a vibrant chord in one's mind.

This is from a surprisingly recent (!) album by an artist who was very popular in the 1980s called Nik Kershaw.

It's called "BILLY" - and I know him.

Do you??????

"Billy is a new man
He does the best he can
To figure out
What he's about
What the hell he's meant to be
He does the right thing when expected
"'Nuff respect!" once in a while
He likes a smoke
And a joke
Just as long as it's "p.c."

And he thinks that he cries at the movies
'Cause he's in touch with his feminine side

Sally wants a proud man
Sally wants a proud man
Sally wants a proud man
But she's taken all his pride

Billy is a new man
At least when she's around
A model father or if needed
He'll be mother for a day
He watches "Men Behaving Badly"
Tho' he'll gladly
Switch it off if she's offended
He'll pretend it
Wasn't funny any way

He's got one face he keeps for his woman
And one for when he's out with the guys

Sally wants a true man
Sally wants a true man
Sally wants a true man
But he's living out a lie

Better go and find an analyst or something
Time for sorting out his head
Better go and find a book to read about it
Just like his daddy never did

Billy is confused
He feels abusive and abused
He's got his one hand on an olive branch
The other on his crotch
He drives a sensible coupe
He thinks Oasis are OK
He drinks non-alcoholic lager
Tho' he'd rather have a Scotch

And he tries very hard to be happy
But there's a few little things in the way


Billy wants:

A good and
A bad girl and
A blond girl and
A brunette or
A Bond girl or
A housemaid or
A teasmaid or
A French maid or
A sex aid and
A Godess and
A confidante
A wet nurse and
An agony aunt
A Mother
A young girl with a pretty face
Who's smart but not TOO smart
To love
An asshole
An asshole
Billy wants to be an asshole

Billy wants it all now
Billy wants it all now
Billy wants it all now
But he's too ashamed to say

Sally wants a Superman
Sally wants a Superman
Sally wants a Superman

Billy hasn't got a chance.....

laceylady1000 53M/57F
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8/25/2006 5:39 am

omg-Nick Kershaw (bet scooby remembers him too)

Great lyrics.There is such a huge gap sometimes between what men and women think they want -its so true. And everyone pussyfoots round each other, or just pisses off it seems.

My 2nd hubby has taught me a lot about men, and about being honest even if its not comfortable.Hes also taught me to be honest about what I want. I doubt if i would be on this site otherwise.

bingybongy 56M

8/25/2006 6:55 am

Yes, there are HUGE differences.

The most telling one is, in my experience:

A man wants to be a woman's first. A woman wants to be a man's last.

On the subject of Nik Keshaw tho.... although he appears to have DISappeared, he hasn't! He's been recording all along and has produced some really great albums. I'd recommend these albums:

The Works
15 Minutes
To be Frank

Really catchy songs, but above all BRILLIANT lyrics.

There's a new one due out any day now, apparently.

There is one lyric that strikes me like a dagger in the heart each time I hear it (and from this, you may correctly sumise that yours truly is the dad of a young son).....

"I love my precious
I love you my son.
I'm sorry for all the wrong things that I've done
In the past.
But it happened so fast.
It didn't quite go as I'd planned.
But I hope to God one day you'll understand".

Kind of sums up my life in a nutshell!

Nik Kershaw as he IS! =====>[image]


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