Conspiracy Theories.....Christ, I'm bored!  

bingybongy 56M
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8/22/2006 3:38 am

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Conspiracy Theories.....Christ, I'm bored!


Which of the following conspiracy theories do YOU subscribe to, and what's YOUR read on them (any or all)?

1. Pearl Harbo(u)r
2. Dunkirk.
3. The assasination of JFK.
4. The assasination of Martin Luther King.
5. Apollo 11.
6. The bombing of Coventry.
7. 9/11.
8. Paul McCartney is dead.
9. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson are the same person.
10. The election of George Bush to President of the United States - twice.

All answers welcome, be they serious or jocular.


VCF1962 106F

8/22/2006 7:59 pm

Well, history was never my strong point (kind of like map reading !)

Apollo 11 - a studio back lot

9/11 - I think the governments knew what was going on, they just never believed people would actually do it. Sorry, but the American govt just seemed to close their eyes to the intelligence on that one and I don't believe that any of the actions taken by Bush and Blair since, have made this world any safer. In fact, I think they've just made things twice as bad.

Paul McCartney - dead - Heather wishes - then she'd get almost everything. Money grabbing gold digger. But he's no more sensible for marrying the old slapper in the first place. He was told of her past and chose to ignore it.

The Jackson family - ever seen them in the same room at the same time ??! Actually, I think LaToya is also pretty freaky !

George Bush - well, considering the re count was in his brothers constituency or whatever it's called over there, that speaks volumes. He's been needing a re count on his marbles ever since - did anyone ever find them by the way ?!?!?!?

Bing Bong - time for bed said Zebedee......

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

bingybongy replies on 8/23/2006 2:18 am:

You missed the Ys off Bing..Y....Bong...Y.

Mind you, people usually look at me and say...

"Y? Y?"

(I know you like good spelling, but please forgive this for the benefit of the joke!)


Scoobysnax1970 47M

8/25/2006 11:49 am

What is the conspiracy theory surrounding the bombing of Coventry?

And is there any chance they could do it again? Horrible place!

Even better would be the complete destruction of Manchester and all it's pernicious little suburbs like Essex.

bingybongy replies on 8/25/2006 12:57 pm:
You asked mate! Are you sitting comfortably??? Then I'll begin...

In the early part of WWII, unbeknownst to the Germans, the UK's scientific intelligence units had cracked a lot of the German "Ultra" codes and had also developed blocking and masking techniques for the German's airborne bombing control systems.

Most nights, Intelligence would have a very good chance of predicting the target(s) for the night - often as early as 1pm/2pm. This would give sufficent time for the city's/town's anti-aircraft defences to be warned, nightfighter squadrons to be put on alert etc.... Winston Churchill was privy to all de-codes and was involved in the decision making process regarding subsequent action to be taken.

On the 14th November 1940, the German codes weren't broken until late evening. Legend has it that Churchill was given the de-codes to read on his way out of London to his countryside retreat at Chequers, where he always went on fully moonlit nights (which the 14th November was).

The conspiracy theory is this - that Churchill KNEW from the Ultra de-codes that the raid was going to be huge, that the target was Coventry, and that the only course of action so late in the day would have been to order an urgent evacuation of Coventry, coupled with a speedy concentration of all available anti-aircraft guns in the Coventry area.

The conspiracy theory is that knowing this activity would be spotted by the Germans (who weren't thick!) they would immediately rumble that their codes and technology had been cracked. For the Germans to have discovered this at that point in the war would have been potentially disasterous. So..... Churchill is supposed to have let the raid "go ahead" to protect the secret.

Personally, I don't subscribe to it. The Ultra de-codes never specifically mentioned Coventry, just " a major English city". Churchill thought it meant London - and turned his car around and went back to the Capital. He wanted to be where "the action was" or at least where he THOUGHT it was, which was his style. Had he KNOWN it was Coventry, he wouldn't have done that, he would have gone on to Chequers.

I also think that if he HAD known it was Coventry, he would have ordered the very things that he shouldn't have ordered - the evacuation and the move of AA guns. The man was a humanist and a great lover of the English people. He wouldn't have put so many people at risk. He would have risked the consequences instead.

As it was, some 500+ Luftwaffe bombers hit Coventry and the following morning, 554 people were dead and 850+ injured, many of them seriously.

Coventry was, and still is, often cited as the motive and the blueprint for the RAF/USAAF raids on Hamburg and Dresden.

The difference was that at Coventry, the Luftwaffe TRIED to create a firestorm and burn the city alive. (Their own documents prove that that was the intent).

At Hamburg and Dresden, the Allies "got it right".

As "Bomber" Harris said:

"The Germans have sown the wind - now they will reap the whirlwind".

And they did.

There.... well, you DID ask!!


Scoobysnax1970 47M

8/26/2006 2:03 am

I suppose you could say the same of the Katyn Forest massacre but the Russians and Churchills allegded complicit silence over Stalins involvement.

I guess no one wins in War.

Anyway bring on West Ham today!

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