Honesty !!  

bimble3 59M
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6/4/2006 4:38 pm
Honesty !!

One thing I like about this site, is the fact that IF you're an "Honest" person, you can post EXACTLY what you're looking for !! There's none of this "Dating someone" and thinking, "Well does she do a 3some, is she into Dom/sub (( More on THAT on next Blog !! )) does she like Pain, will she swing" ........ you get the Idea ??

Some guys (( Me included )) dont WANT to ask the "Date" for fear of looking like a Perv!! and If you leave it until she's "Established" you MIGHT talk to her about it, But if she's against it, you prolly wont persue it.

So Posting that you WANT a 3some etc etc, at least THEN it's out in the Open, and the Ladies can either go Hmmmmm fancy that, or YUK.... Next Profile !! So Post EXACTLY what you're looking for, then there's no "Barriers" that cant be approached !!

THAT'S of course, limiting the options of those that MAY get back to you, but to be Honest, I've sent out over 100 Mails to various ladies thru my time on here, and got about 3 back !!! I must be ONE UGLY MOTHER !!!! lolol
Hey Girls ........you're loss !! lol

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