the dream  

billythekid1859 42M
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6/25/2006 7:40 am
the dream

im at home on a sunday. im sitting in my chair alone in the house. im watching nascar. someone knocks on my door. i answer its a woman i never met before. she said how are you today. i said im doing good, now! i reach over pull her to me kissed her softly on the lips. she kissed back. i was thinking. oh shit! what in the hell am i doing. a total stranger i kiss her. she stopped kissing me. then she slapped me across the face. i am so very sorry. i dont know what came over me. she gave a small smirk and said have a good day. i closed the door. 2 or 3 hours have passed since i made that bold move then got my bell rung. someone knocked on the door again. i opened the door it was her again. she she pushed me shut the door. she said you told me you were sorry. i said yes i did. she said well we are gonna see just how sorry you are. she laid this huge kiss on me. my eyes rolled back in my head. she pushed me down on the couch. ripps my pants off then my boxers. she starts gowing down on me. and yes. my eyes are rolled back again. she stops and strattles me. im inside her now. she moves up and down and im move my hips in a circle motion. she tilts her head back and starts to lean back as i hold her. im kissing on her breasts. i could tell she was really feeling good right then. then she lets out this moan like oh my god. she is still leaned back i have my hand on her back and one hand in the middle og her breasts rubbing with a feather like touch. i feel her twitching on the inside. then i explode all up inside her. then i wake up. i look up there is that damn race. but it was the indy race. they were interviewing danica patrick. that was the woman who randomly knocked on my door.

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