Stillgoing at 57++  

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8/14/2006 8:56 am

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Stillgoing at 57++

In a far away country in Asia..I am dating several favorite jsut turned 30 on Augus 11th, adn she is madly in love with me and would do anything I ask. I am truly lving to her.. She does NOT ask me for money, or expensive gifts, in fact it is quite the she takes care of me when I visit. She is a hairstylist/cosmotologis/nails person and has her own shop in Saigon. I vist her 1 or 2 times a year. To make me happy, she shares,(allows) me and actually selects girls for me to have sex with, including her sister~She is very happy with this situation, and of course i am estatic with the situation.

A little about me. I am not wealthy, not bad to look at, very active,average or slightly above average length, I play ice hockey, SCUBAS dive, snow ski..exercise a bit, not as much as i should but some. I weeigh about 175, and am 5'9". I have never in all the 10 years i have been visiting Vietnam had a problem getting beautiful, younger..18 and above girls tehre. Some over the course of my visits, went with me for money, but the absolute majorit went with me for me..

Why are Western Girls so averse to someone of my afge who can perform more than adequately, sometimes with a pill I will admit ( because of diabetes) but a funny, active not bad looking guy? Tell me ladies..i love going to Vietnam but woul dlike to spend more time with members of my opposite sex here also..


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8/14/2006 1:52 pm

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