My latest lunch trip to the Brown Bag  

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3/30/2006 1:22 pm
My latest lunch trip to the Brown Bag

It's been a while since I've written. After the last trip to the Brown Bag, I came down with a killer case of the flu and it took forever to get over it. No fun at all.

I've decide they put something in the water in Ottawa. The last 2 men I hooked up with had cocks a horse would be proud of. When I got there it was the usual routine - stand off to the side and let my eyes get used to the dim light and watch the crowd. I saw a tall guy walk past twice and glance my way, so I followed him. He looked back and saw me and stepped into the first available booth. I followed him in and he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. I told him I did and closed the door behind me.

He undid his pants and let them fall around his ankles, and I knelt down in front of him. He hiked his sweatshirt up to give me access to his boxers and I slid them down and looked back up at my lunch. He was huge. I would guess about 10 inches and as big around as a beer bottle. I knew from experience that he wouldn't get very hard since he was so big and I much prefer stiff cocks to suck, but oh well. I had to open as wide as I could to get the head in and hard or not, it was sooo good. With my mouth jammed full of cock, I could just barely move my tongue and I don't think I got more than 2 or 3 inches down onto the shaft before I was bottoming out in my throat. I looked up at him and he was looking down smiling and watching me struggle with his enormous cock.

I kept my eyes on his face and began rocking back and forth, impaling my face on his meat and then slowly drawing back until just the head was still in my mouth. I have to say that I was really enjoying it. I've said several times that the thing I truly enjoy about sucking cock is the knowledge that I have something so powerful in my mouth, and that the owner of that cock is being gracious enough to allow me to please him in the most personal way I can imagine. By letting me suck on his cock, and when I've done my job well enough, rewarding me with the hot sperm that I coax out of his swollen balls. I truly do love sucking a man's cock.

After a few strokes, I could feel his cock getting a little thicker and I had to open even wider. It got a little bit harder too - hard enough that I didn't have to support it to keep it aimed at my mouth - so I moved my hands up to gently cradle his heavy balls. He kept watching me and began talking to me, telling me how great I looked with my mouth stretched around his cock and how he could tell that I was enjoying it. I nodded at him and moaned in agreement and then picked up the pace a little. He groaned and moved that special muscle that some guys can control and made his cock twitch in my mouth. I made a little moaning noise myself and went a little faster.

One of the good thing about really big cocks is that they usually need to be sucked a good long time before they release their reward, and he was no different. I gradually increased the speed until I was close to top speed, keeping my eyes on his face for any clues, but mainly to let him see how his cock was using my mouth and how much I was enjoying it. By now my jaws were aching from being open so wide, but I wasn't going to stop or even slow down. I could feel his balls start to draw up and his legs suddenly stiffened. I plunged forward, taking his cock as deep as I could and he began to cum. Just a small spurt at first, then a large streamer of hot sperm. About then I pretty much went crazy, sucking and swallowing and jamming my face onto his cock to get as much as I possible could into my mouth. When he finally stopped shooting jets of cum and the spasms in his cock slowed, I just held him in my mouth and looked back up him. I'm sure I had a truly satisfied look on my face, especially with my mouth wrapped around his cock. He finally opened his eyes and looked down at me. He told me to eat it all. I used both hands to squeeze out what remained in the shaft and greedily swallowed it down. When he began to grow limp, I reluctantly slid my mouth off the head and told him "Thank you very, very much." He just smiled and said "You really love sucking cock, don't you?" I laughed and asked if it was that obvious. I told him that I'd be looking for him when I came again and he said he'd do the same.

When I left, my jaws were sore as hell and a glance at my watch showed me why. I had been down on my knees sucking that beauty for over 40 minutes.

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