My first multiple-climax sucking session  

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1/6/2006 4:12 pm

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My first multiple-climax sucking session

About 12 years after I sucked a man's cock for the first time, I got the opportunity to have a second helping. Oh, I had sucked off a lot of guys and sucked a lot of guys numerous times, but never had the chance to immediately repeat the act. That finally changed.

It happened during the time I had recently returned to cocksucking after a long and sometimes painful period of denial. I was only getting what I needed weekly at best, and it started at the forest preserve, which at that time was the best place to find a cock that needed to be sucked.

I backed into a parking spot (back then that meant that I was looking to give a blowjob - I don't know what it means now - if anything). Almost immediately a car pulled in next to me and I was pleased to see it was a man that I had sucked off numerous times before. We exhanged greetings (I never knew the names of any of the men I blew, nor did they know mine) and I told him that this time I wanted to do it more than once. He thought for a few minutes and then said it was too risky to try it there in the woods, and that his wife was gone for the day, but he didn't want me to know where he lived. I told him I had a solution - he could drive there and I would keep my head down so I couldn't tell where we were going. He agreed and I got in his car and knelt down on the passenger side floor and put my head almost under the dashboard. Satisfied that I couldn't see anything, he began to drive.

After some time and a lot of turns, we finally stopped and I could hear a garage door closing. He said it was okay to get up and I found myself in a garage. I followed him into the house, down a short flight of stairs and into what I assumed was the guest bedroom. Fairly small with a twin bed. He began to undress and I had a flashback to my very first experience sucking a cock. Mike was completely naked and I was completely clothed when I sucked him and I hadn't experienced that since then. It's incredibly exciting to have a man completely naked with an erect cock in front of you waiting for you to take it into your mouth while you have all of your clothes on. When he got his pants off, I could see that the idea appealed to him as well. His shorts were stretched out very nicely right in front. He pulled down his shorts and his stiff cock stood out in front of him. He wasn't very big or thick, but he had a nice comfortable mouthful and always tasted clean and gave me a nice load of cum - not huge - 2 or 3 heavy jets and then a lot of oozing sperm to be swallowed down.

He stood at the end of the bed and as I was kneeling down I could see there was a mirror above the dresser and I knew that he'd be watching me in profile sucking his stiff cock in that mirror. So much the better. I had never sucked cock with an audience (and wouldn't for several more years). I slid my mouth down over his hard dick, going as deep as I could until I had nearly all of it in. He moaned softly and I knew it was the sight and feeling of his cock disappearing into my mouth that made him moan. I gave him a different sort of blowjob from normal, keeping him deep in my mouth, just stimulating the head with the back of my tongue and my throat and squeezing his cock against the roof of my mouth with my tongue during each stroke. I used very slow strokes, savoring the sensation of that wonderful throbbing cock in my mouth. I was just beginning to pick up the pace a little when he shuddered and gave me my reward. I continued the long, slow strokes for a few more seconds while my mouth filled with his warm cum. I drew back a little and swallowed - several times to get it all down - and then gently sucked while he finished emptying his balls. I know how sensitive a cock is, just after shooting your load, so I always suck gently, if at all. I swallowed down all that he gave me and just held his throbbing cock in my mouth, feeling it continue to seep out more cum. I could feel his heartbeat through his cock and his legs were quivering.

He said that he needed to sit down and I moved with him, never taking my mouth off of his cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and began leaning back and I continued to move with him, keeping him in my mouth. After several minutes, I began to suck slowly on his now-shrinking cock. I looked up at him and he was propped up on his elbows watching me and smiling. He was the first to tell me how good I looked with a cock in my mouth. I took that as a compliment and sucked a little harder, trying to smile back at him around a mouthful of his dick. He eventually began to grow in my mouth again and I began sucking harder and moving with longer strokes, taking his stiffening cock in deeper and watching his face for any clues. He told me that it would probably take him a while to cum again and I nodded and kept sucking and moving my lips up and down that stiff shaft. I was enjoying it all so much that it seemed like just a few minutes, but I think it was closer to 20 minutes, when I saw a change on his face. I took the cue and started moving much faster, taking him in so deep I could feel the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and then drawing back and forcing my head back down on his stiff dick. I stopped looking at his face and closed my eyes to concentrate on bringing him pleasure. I was sucking him like a mad man, slamming my mouth down onto his cock, over and over, and squeezing the shaft with my tongue on each backstroke. He arched his back and began to climax in my mouth. It was no where near the volume or strength of the first load, but it was my reward. I sucked hard and continued moving up and down until he collapsed back on the bed. I swallowed what cum was in my mouth and just waited with his cock still in my mouth and looked back up at him.

He was looking up at the ceiling and seemed exhausted. I waited until he started to grow limp and used my lips to milk out the remaining sweet cum I had coaxed out his balls and drew back making sure to catch that last little droplet that always seems to stay on the head. By now he was looking at me again, so I used my hand to squeeze out a little more and licked it off the head. I looked directly at him, swallowed, licked my lips and told him "Thank you". He said it was his pleasure, but it was my pleasure as well.

After he dressed, he drove me back to the woods (with me on the floor again). On the way he told me that I really did look great with his cock in my mouth. I told him that I felt great and that the view from my end was equally pleasing.

I blew him twice more at his house in the following months, but never ran into him again after that. He was really fun to blow and always a gentleman - I never went home hungry.

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