It happened again  

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8/30/2006 2:48 pm

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It happened again

Well, I hit the Brown Bag again a few days ago and something happened that was pure deja vu. I walked around the booths for a while and happened upon a guy about 40 standing and watching a blowjob video and rubbing a bulge in his pants. He was nice looking so I walked into the booth and stood next to him watching the movie a while. I asked him if I could suck him off and he reached around me and closed the door.

I dropped to my knees and he unzipped and dropped his pants and underwear to reveal my meal. About 6 inches and nice and hard. I leaned forward and took him in my mouth, licking and teasing the head and preparing to give him a nice, long cocksucking. After a bit, I just wanted his whole cock in my mouth, so I started sliding deeper and drawing back slowly before plunging back deep onto his cock. He must have liked that because he started softly groaning every time I bottomed out on his stiff cock. It turned me on that I was turning him on, so just concentrated on the motion and trying to take him as deep as possible.

By then I was moaning too, and he was pumping his crotch forward to meet me as I hit the maximum depth. I put my hands on his hips as a kind of signal to let him know my mouth was his to use. I continued on that way for several minutes, loving his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and trying my best to not gag when he pushed forward. I must have missed all the signals, because right at the bottom of a stroke, his balls just exploded in my mouth. Like years before, I got a load so big a lot of the first burst came out my nose. I quickly recovered and continued sliding up and down the shaft, squeezing my lips tightly as I drew back to encourage him to keep cumming. My mouth was soon full of fresh semen, so I paused to swallow and then went back to milking more cum out of his wonderful cock. He kept shooting sprays of cum and I gratefully received them all. When he finally stopped pumping sperm into my mouth, I slowed down and waited till it would be safe to swallow. I gulped down what was in my mouth and began using my lips and tongue to milk out more until he had given me all that he had. I kept his cock in my mouth and looked up at him, hoping he would let me suck him off again.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and I quickly wiped the cum off my lip and nose. I asked if he wanted seconds and he said that he probably couldn't cum again. I thanked him for letting me suck his cock and made a comment about how hard he had cum. He said it had been a while and he had really needed a blowjob just like I had given him. He said he came there once in a while and would definitely be looking for me for another great cocksucking. I thanked him again and told him he was great to suck off.

I guess he really did need a blowjob, as hard as he had cum and as long as he kept pumping his hot sperm. A very nice blowjob. Good use of a hungry cocksucker.

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