She liked the taste of ass  

billiondollarboi 32M
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10/14/2005 11:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

She liked the taste of ass

Last night i meet the perfect slut i was hanging in the part outside sharkies when this woman knocked on my window. She did not have the prettiest face but her ass and breast where perfect. So i rolled down the window and she asked if i had a light. I told her yeah if i could play with them tites. She looked me in my eyes and said okay. I pop my locks thinking this cant be about to happen. she got in and we started to talk while i drove away. I took her down the street to a parking lot of a apartment complex. she took of her braw and top and i mean her girls were perfect the set up like fake boobs but the were 100% real. I pulled out my dick and she played with it while i suck on her like a newborn baby. I work my way down into her panties when she grabbed my hand and pushed it further. finger her pussy for about a hour and half while and she asked me to lean back so she could suck my dick. So i let my seat back and she lick the helmit and shoved it in her mouth. I grab that juicy as and let her lick, suck, and pull on my balls. about twenty minutes in i cum in her mouth. she loved it she kept licking it up and swolling. I looked in her eye and she asked me if i ever had my ass eat. I told her naw. I was thinkin why would i wont my ass ate out. She told me to take her to her crib. when we got there we went into her room.
she had me get down into doggy style potion. She got behind me and started licking. and i felt great then she grabbed my dick and played with it. It felt so good i came all over her bedding she asked me to tear her walls down. So i pulled her under me put her legs around my neck and fucked her like i just got out of jail.

rm_yldbarry 61M

10/15/2005 3:52 pm

Ain't nothing like having your ass ate out and a hand job to boot!

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