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4/1/2006 7:57 am

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Nice story

I got this story thanks to mr_sexy97. He said that he thought it was cool someone had a similar story to his. here it is:

When I was 14 a hot girl named Saren brought me shopping with
her. Now we had been half naked with eachother before but
had never actually had sex (I had started doing this when
I was11 and my dick reached 6.5", it's now 7").

After about an hour of shopping her final stop was Victoria's
Secret (being a teen her boobs had gotten too big for her
old bras). After a little while she found an extremly skimpy
bra and thong (with my help ) and went into a dressing
room to try it on. i waited until the pressure of being surrounded
by hot babes on bras consumed me. I strode into Saren's
stall with a fair erection and stopped as I saw her in the
langere she had picked out. My fair boner instantly went
to hard as steel. Luckily she picked the large handicap
stall so we had plent of room. I walked up to her and started
kissing her neck slipping off my T-shirt and pants so we
both stood there in our underwear. When I coulds't
take the pressure of wearing my boxers with my dick so hard
I slipped them off and of came Saren's bra and underwear.
She then preformed the best blow-job I have ever recived
to date. We got down to the floor and I pressed my dick against
her and she pushed her boob against me. Then I made my way
slowly to her smooth pussy and slowly inserted my cock.
We fucked like there was no tomorrow squeezing tits and
felling muscles. In short my favorite sexual encounter
was when both Saren and I lost our virginity.

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I think you are so HOT!

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