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1/22/2006 10:54 am

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O.K. So I'm a year older now with much to be greatfull for, Yes i'm taking good care of myself by stretching on the floor.

What a year 2005 has been, living alone and chasings my goals in this current year, it has been a great help looking ahead with no fear.

Still I can't help but see what I have to do without, There is no female here and that makes me pout.

Thats O.K. I tell myself every day, I'd rather be alone then have someone who will just make me pay.

I look back and see me stepping closer to my finish line, Maybe tonight I'll have a shot with of coarse the lime.

So here is to another fabulous year ahead of me, can't wait to see what it will bring, one thing is for sure, I must find a place that will let me sing.

In closing let me add this little thought, being alone has it's great moments in the sun, however for the new year I hope to find an outstanding female, one that wants to have a great deal of fun.

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