Friday Night Live  

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1/20/2006 3:30 pm

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Friday Night Live

If I was a car , I'd be really shiny and fast, but don't forget about the power, or I won't be able to pass.

If I were an animal all primal and fierce, don't know where I would live or call my home, but I guess it wouldn't matter I'd probably just rome.

If you saw me in blue, which is my favorite color, I'd get really offended if you didn't at least holla.

If I had as much time as I like, I'd plan lots of trips, to all the Islands for a hike.

If we were to meet and hit it of right, I'd be sure and bring flowers, and kiss you good night.

If we went to the place of my choice, I'd drive you there fast, in my Rolls Royce.

If you wanted to get to know me just for fun, I'd let you in slowly 'till I was sure you had no gun.

I'm not much for drinking or drugs, I'd rather meet a great woman, one who likes to give hugs.

If I had my own show, where I could laugh and just dive, you'd know it was me 'cuase I'd call it Friday night live.

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