Long summer  

bigstickdred007 44M
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8/11/2006 3:19 pm
Long summer

I almost forgot about this site as you can see my blog hasnt been updated in a while. I had a wonderful time in india ( didnt get no ass but noetheless had a good time). I had my three sons for the summer ( for the first time since divorce) and it was truly an adventure. I had to sneak pussy while they were asleep.

I still get good loving from my squirter but im in and out town so much she gets frustrated. Ive also come across a good neighbour if you know what i mean. NSA pure unadulterated ass. Heres how that came about. I met her on the steps one day and we struck up a good conversation. i was off to another one of my homegirls house ( longest standing member of my nsa fuck em club 2 years) cos she bought me something for my birthday.

Anyway me and neighbour was kicking it real hard and i told her i was about to go. On my way out ( i live on the top floor) i peeped in her apartment and saw this guy eating her pussy as she stood up. ( her window was open) I told my girl how much watching the neighbour turned me on and we blazed one and had two rounds of hot sex. Its been constant with me and the neighbour ever since.

Ive run through vegas, dallas orlando and next stop the bahamas, all in an attempt to show my boys a good time. Road pussy has been lil hard to come by though. In closing i finally hooked up with a chick that i met online and we did the damn thing. I got to her house about three in the morning ( boys in tow) and i laid the smack down till bout six. She went stiff on me told me she came so hard she couldnt move. That left me feeling real good cos i was able to deliver what i promised her.

I am still looking to run across some AdultFriendFinder snatch cos i hear its good. Anyway if you want to reach me try wantaze on the hoo ( ya that is) for instant messenger or email. i love the blog but i doubt i will fork over hard earned scratch to get ass from this site.

Anyway i am becoming a lil tired of internet ass and after three years i need some stability. anyway ill keep it coming

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