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3/29/2006 3:32 pm

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Well, I'm on the verge of starting a new job, I've accepted my new position and given notice to my old one. Pictured here is my new personal assistant; I won't get paid any money, but she is at my beckon call 8 hours a day, pretty good deal, EH? I was working 2 jobs, and I talked to the part-time job, and by mutual agreement I will be "on-call" for the busy season. I have a professional exam coming up April 22 that I have to study for.

All of this is shadowed by the excitement of my vacation planned for 10 days at the end of May. I hope to meet some of my blogging friends. One for sure, two maybes. Mrs. Red and I have discussed my vacation, I will be travelling alone and I have permission to do "anything that doesn't bring anything back that you didn't leave with" Try to figure out what that means, but I got permission to play all I want, WhoHoo!!

I'm going two places, one is back home and the other is down to Florida. There is this girl there...... We've known each other since the 1st grade and she is one hot milf! Last time i visted her, she was making some passes at me, but I resisted because we weren't "in the lifestyle" then. This time, Muhahahahaha!

Depending how discussions go, I am prepared to share me and wifeys little lifestyle secret. This will be interesting to say the least.

FunandFrisky79 42M/38F

3/29/2006 8:22 pm

WooHoo! Congrats on the job!!!

I'm glad to hear you will still be coming to visit! I can't wait to hear you sing Karaoke! Muahahaha!!!

Btw, I see how it is! You go on and on about the MILF in FL, but you don't even mention the hottie in IN! lmao


bigredeatsbush 52M/51F

3/30/2006 9:46 am

Frisky - So much for giving you the option of being anonymous, LOL
Ooh, darlin, I think you know where you stand on this little outing I have planned And I told you, I'm planning to buy you a few lapdances and drinks first so that you are in the best mood possible before I sing! Besides, you haven't had the opportunity to make a pass at me in person like my FL girl ~winking at you because that's a hint!~

Lioness - Hi, and good going on the interview, I'm sure you'll be hearing from them. You'll have to let me know about getting with you Wednesday or Thursday, Frisky has me all locked up for Friday night, I believe Unless, U R willing to make the drive to meet those long sexy leggs yourself!

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