Role Reversal with the Sexes  

bigredeatsbush 52M/52F
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9/15/2005 6:37 pm

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Role Reversal with the Sexes

Hey Everybody:
Something I've noticed here on A F F, and it has to do with the "social order" of things. Wifey has been meeting guys, and I have had the fun of sitting back and watching the process. One thing is that she has gotten a lot more interested in "physical attributes" aver the whole thing. I consider this typically a male attribute, my experience is that women are less caught up in how a guy looks. Now I have also viewed men's profiles and read their e-mails to her, they are trying real hard to be sweet, sensitive, caring men. The successful ones anyway. This to me is typically a female trait. Now it seems to me that in the real world game of life, the dating ritual is based somewhat on the man's ability to provide means and security for an attractive women (or at least a woman that he is attracted to). This drives men to be domineering and women to be "cute". I realize I am speaking an vague terms, please do not think I believe that things are always like this, I am generalizing to make a point. At A F F, the pool of men is HUGE, where in real life the odds are a little more even. For a married woman (such as mine) a man's ability to provide has NO MEANING AT ALL! Guy's, we have little bartering power here, let's face facts. We have two things, our charisma (chuckle) and our looks. In the real world, women usually have to "go fishing for men" with nothing more than these two attributes. For a married woman here, it's all about the sex. It has been facinating for me to listen to my wife talk with her A F F friend. Things like "yeah, I'd bang him", and "did you see his cock?" are common phases theses two use when talking about prospective boyfriends. I see a role reversal that is brought on by the change in "leverage" that is being afforded by A F F. Just my silly opinion, anyone else want to give theirs?

hourglasses 49F

9/15/2005 7:16 pm

I think its true. Here, if we are just looking for sex, women have an advantage. We can choose to only meet the guy who meets our exact requirements down to the pickiest detail. I'm not completely shallow, but I am not going to have sex with someone just because they are a 'nice guy' with a 'good personality.' Now if I were on a normal dating site, I would consider looks to be one of the most unimportant things.

With that said, I have of course met a nice guy with a good personality. But then again he also happens to be good looking in my eyes.

Philosophy_N_Sex 50M/48F

9/15/2005 9:44 pm

Mr. Red
Yes you are right this is more about sex than a life partner. Once a lady has the security of a good hubby, she will seek thrills. We guys do have bartering power, look how ticked ladies get at the "wanna fuck" email. A guy who show sincere interests and respect gets replies from ladies.

You are right about the real world having balance. a guy on here who says married and on the sly is treated like the plague. A woman on the sly is over whelmed with options. a double standard is inplace here.

Funny the differences in our wives, mine does not act like the kid in the candy store.

bigredeatsbush 52M/52F

9/15/2005 11:07 pm

HG - Yes, I'm sure with as big a selection as you have, you got a guy that looks good among other good traits (good kidneys, for example )
PNS - Kid in a candy store is a very good analogy! I suspect as the newness wears off, things will change a little. It's all about having fun though. She is relatively inexperienced, so this is a bit overwhelming I would imagine. Thanks for the post!

patsam69 52M/52F

9/16/2005 5:38 am

I don't think I have ever felt like a kid in the candy store. Maybe just in the very very beginning when you are first bombarded with emails. But very quickly you learn that many of the men on here just want to chat and see you naked on cam. many of them do not want to meet in person....for what reasons...I do not know.

I did not want to have sex with someone just cause I thought they were good looking. I also wanted them to be a person that I would get along with and be able to hold a conversation with. I also tried to think about how my husband would feel being naked in front of this man. so many things to think about!

bigredeatsbush 52M/52F

9/17/2005 7:06 pm

Sam - That's actually the stage we're at right now, I also think it will settle down shortly. Many of us know that the most erogenous organ is the brain, and so, depending on one's mood it is good to know who you're sleeping with.

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9/19/2005 8:21 pm

I still think girlie men make better lovers. Manly Man or Girlie Man

Eat me Aronld.

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