Good thing we didn't step in it  

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7/14/2005 6:25 pm

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Good thing we didn't step in it

Joke of the Day:
Four people are riding in a train: A protective mother with her beautiful 25 year old daughter sitting across from a young business man with his boss. The train goes into the tunnel and you hear a kiss smack followed by a loud slap! The thoughts of the four people are as follows:
Young Girl - That boy was really bold kiss me like that, he was kinda cute; too bad my mother slapped him.
Mother - I can't believe that young man kissed my daughter, I'm glad she slapped him!
Boss - That woman must have tried to slap my employee when he kissed that girl; too bad she missed and slapped me.
Young Man - What a lucky day! How often do you get to kiss a pretty girl and slap your boss all at the same time!

Oh, by the way - my profile said "Gay". I don't know why, my mistake I guess. I'm straight with a very slight bit of Bi-Curiosity. I doubt that I would actually act on my curiosity. It would have to be quite the evening! I'm experimenting with colors now! Did it work? Anywho...

I'm pretty good with my hands (what are you thinking of?) and I have been building a picnic table lately. (but my hands are pretty good that way too). It's almost ready, I've got to sand it down and I plan to fiberglass finish it so that it can stand the weather. It's gonna be a big 7 ft octagon so I'm excited (no, not that way!, well, that way also!)

I had a pretty good time this week at an exotic dance club, a rare outing for me. - When did they start allowing girls to actually go topless (i.e. no pasties) in this town? Maybe I'm just ignorant but I thought they were all "bikini bars". It wasn't so much the dancers but some of the female customers that made it fun. I really enjoyed watching the inhibited girls try to tip the dancers but not sure what they should do, and there was this other girl who was really comfortable there, and after a while, the dancers were competing to see who could have their way with her. The winner (my opinion) was the one who got her to lay on the stage, pulled up her top all the way, and crawled over her until the dancer was kissin' her at the "Y".

Either way, the men who brought those lovely ladies certainly had a good evening after they went home that night (that has been my experience and the experience of some of my friends as well). As Ferris Bueller would say "If you have the means, I highly recommend it". For you ladies that don't have the means but are curious, I would be happy to be your tour guide through "Manland"

Lookin' forward to hearing from you all. If you don't leave, how can I miss you? (sounds like a country song)

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