don't talk with your mouth full  

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1/15/2006 8:41 am

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don't talk with your mouth full

we apologize for the delay in our regular broadcast, but our hero has been called to another planet for an emergency of epic proportions.......thanks for tuning back in, though and let's see if we can catch up with him.......(cue the organ)

ah faithful readers, when last we saw our hero, he was kneeling in front of his queen......she moved directly in front of him and we might have seen her hand ease the front of her robe open!!!!fade in slowly....darkened room, lit only with candles....soft music playing....(was that a giggle we heard?) the camera comes into focus, we see only the queens head and shoulders.....she seems to be looking down...

"yes, oh that is so much better.......just to the left a, too far...mmmm, that's the spot....a bit slower"....

what is she looking at and what is she talking about?

the camera pans back and moves around to the queen's side...we see our hero on his knees, his head hidden by the folds of her robe...and look!!! she is smiling! "well done, sir clumsy...very well done....oooh once again, just like that"....she seems to be squatting slightly and gyrating her hips......we zoom in to the area of her robe hiding his head, but hear no response from him, only labored breathing.....what can he be doing that has him exerting himself so? rest assured, loyal readers, he is giving his all, as only a superhero can!

panning back now, we see the queens face, now quite red, her breath coming quicker, shudder and rock up on her toes......"finally!" she whispers through clenched teeth, her head tossed back, then groans....."easy, easy now"...she steps back, her robe pulling away to reveal our hero, his face red and wet, but a smile from ear to ear!

what has happened and what has he done? and what is next?

tune back in soon, faithful reader, things can only get better

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