Are you happy right now?  

bigknob1958 54M
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5/27/2006 10:58 am

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6/4/2006 11:35 am

Are you happy right now?

Today is actually a nice day here in England for a change.The sun is shining,the collared doves cooing.I,m busy at the momment tidying up the house that I've just put up for sale.I'm busy boxing things up,scrubbing down surfaces,mowing the lawn,etc,etc.....and when I'm not doing that I'm viewing possible houses in other areas I might buy.The past few weeks have been really hectic to say the least.I would not have it any other way though because I really do feel like my life is going to plan at the momment(after years of pleasing others)and I'm finally able to say now I'm looking forward to all that life might have to offer with a renewed confidence.So let me ask everyone out there in blogland.Are you happy right now?Yes?No?Maybe?Post a comment.

sexymom20069 49F

5/28/2006 12:16 pm

I am so-so , suck being lonely most of the time cuz guys now a days only want a sexual relationship ( most I met anyways) - I want , need , crave and desire so much more.
Heard England is beautiful - maybe you can email me pics one day ?
Have a good day , Linda

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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5/28/2006 8:15 pm

Happiness..hum..something I think that comes more from within than what you might have from someone else. Sure..others do figure in..and how you might relate..but it really begins within ourselves. Am I Health issues continue to bug me..but I'm working on it. I meditate every day..and am beginning to change my attitude toward life. As I health and my general seem to get better.



PineyFolks 60M/60F

5/31/2006 3:58 pm

Big I fluctuate quite often. Most times I am happy. Today was a blue day but it is getting better. Good luck with the house hunting and selling yours. *smooches*

bigknob1958 54M

6/3/2006 12:09 pm

Neorn,just agreed in principle the price with someone interested in all I have to do is find a house and area I would like to live in...busy times ahead!!!

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