A meeting of new friends  

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5/16/2006 4:13 pm

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A meeting of new friends

Met with some new friends this past weekend for the first time. Was a great experience for all of us. This was a couple that local and we met at a local casino bar, after first meeting a couple weeks ago for breakfast. After a drink each, they paid for a room and we retired to it. Was surprised a nice king sized bed, great for 3 or 4 friends. It is so fun when everyone knows what you are all there for. No games, no heartaches.

I brought my AdultFriendFinder t-shirt, because she had asked about it in online chat we had in between the two meetings, some condoms, and a new bottle of warming massage oil. They brought some of her favorite toys, although I did not know this at first.

Being not quite sure what their routine was I grabbed a chair and sat down at the end of the bed. When he kicked off his shoes so did I. Smooth and cool opening move, lol. She sat on the bed gave it a good bounce and commented upon its size. Bigger is better. When he sat I moved over and opened my bag breaking out the T-shirt. This was a great Icebreaker I thought and a set myself down on the bed with her in between the two men.

He started playing with her nipples through her blouse, and I started kissing her. Been told I am a good kisser and never had anyone complain. I moved a hand down to the other breast and helped him stimulate her nipples, soon the top came up, the bra came off, and we each had one breast and nipple to play with to play with.

My hand moved down over her belly and started caress her pubic area through her pants. This didn't last long as the short came off and her husband started fingering her quite vigorously.

That lady got very wet very fast and reached her first orgasm from manual stimulation. We were off to the races, lots of fun, an hour or so of foreplay, we got into some hot sexual action, two on one. Just like you see in the movies, but without the perfect bodies and 12 inch cocks, lol.

Dinner followed, I paid as they had gotten the room, and we parted good friends.

I beautiful day of beautiful sweet sharing of bodies and of the joy of sexual satisfaction. I know that we will meet again soon, and will cherish every moment that we share together, enjoying the happiness of adult friends.

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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5/16/2006 5:26 pm

Glad you had a great time!!!

Purry {=}


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