bigjbosomed 35F
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5/28/2006 9:35 am

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6/7/2006 12:42 pm


I think I've got some horny squirrels outside my window. I just sat and watched 5 squirrels run up and down a tree chasing each other. They jumped from the roof to the tree ran down, ran up, jumped from the tree to the roof and back, it was so entertaining to watch. They may be dirty rodents, but they are so funny.

puntachueca 106M

5/28/2006 10:37 am

On behalf of Squirrel Anti-Defamation we are not "dirty little rodents".

We are quite clean, enterprising, exuberant (as you have noticed) and in some cases even bring our human companions good luck.

An we're awfully cute compared to those bare tailed distant relatives living between the walls of your house.

Kaliedascope61 43M
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5/28/2006 11:10 am

Just cuz there hiding there nuts from each other doesn't mean they are horny.

bigjbosomed 35F

5/28/2006 12:22 pm

lol, You think that's what they were doing? Hmmm, whatever it was the were cute to watch.

TrueTxGtlman 54M

5/29/2006 10:19 am

Life is an endless circle. Are we all chasing something to either chasing to get a nut or being chase to give a nut. Life is funny that way. I am happy on this Memorial Day to have but only two nuts to give for my country (Ladies that is)


waitn4ugirl2nite 51M
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6/7/2006 8:07 am

I'm not sure what those Squirrels were doing but as far as me, I would jump from roof to roof and up any tree for you bigjbosmed. You are one sexy, beautiful girl.

bigjbosomed 35F

6/7/2006 12:42 pm

waitn4ugirl, Thanks, I do appreciate that.

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