Another one bites the dust  

bigdaddyhitcher 57M
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4/29/2006 8:07 pm
Another one bites the dust

Oh boy, another lady didn't work out. Oh well, there are many more out there. I really am a nice guy. I care and treat ladies with respect. No means no and yes means drop your drawers now, but on my terms. Oh, and you should be able to follow directions without having to ask why or explain that again. I am a dominant, fulltime, not just in the bedroom. I encounter many women who cannot handle that. You can say no to me and be confident that I'll respect that, but don't get up in my face with angry words, because I will show you how fast a door closes behind you.

Ladies, I am a man who firmly believes that the man rules the roost, no exceptions, and that when you are with me, your body belongs to me. It is my toy to do with as I please, when I please. I am not sadistic, but I do enjoy making women experience some very mild pain, such as nipple clamps and firm sqeezes, and a good spanking.

So if you're game, come please Daddy.

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