Good Tv on Womens entertainment tv.  

bigdaddie2955 63M
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9/6/2006 7:24 am
Good Tv on Womens entertainment tv.

I have been watching Womens Entertainment Channel on tv for the last few nights,last night they had a program about swinging and the lifestyle,very interesting,and the following segment was about older women having sex with teen aged boys.These women have been branded as sex offenders,and have ruined their lives for ever.I think this is wrong,as it takes two to make a sexual relationship work,doesn't matter if the male is a teen ager of not.These parents of the boys in question called it .Hell,how can a woman a male??This is stupid!! When I was in school,I know several of us used to fuck our teachers,yet we never went out and bragged about it,we kept it to ourselves.Hell,I fucked 3 diffrent teachers when I was in High School,it didn't make them ,and it damn sure didn't make them sex offenders.We just had sex,which was great as these women were more experienced than the teen school bitches that would just lie there and not show any emotion while they were getting a load of cum dumped into theit pussies.Most of them would even bitch about the amount of time they had to lay flat while we pumped on them.It dosen't make any sense to me at all.Most young men fantisize about fucking older women any way.I know I did,and would still love to fuck an older woman myself.
I suggest you all watch th W.E channel,it has some good stuff on it........Bigdaddie.

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