Cousin Claude and the lube,,,,,,  

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8/22/2006 5:55 pm

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Cousin Claude and the lube,,,,,,

Well,back when I worked in New Orleans,when I was in my 20's my cousin Claude was working with me and his brother,Chuck.Claude had been in the Army and had been stationed in South East Asia.while he was over there he got hooked on LSD,and fucked up him mental capacities to make good sound judgements.One day while at work,the three of us was sitting in the office talking when Claude asked Chuck and I if we knew what would be a good sex lube as he had a hot date with a sweet looking gal,who was a virgin.Well being kind of silly,I popped off and said told him to try Ben Gay creame.We got busy with shooting the bull,and I forgot to tell him not to use it as it was for sore muscles.
Well on Monday,Claude came in to work,walking funny,and wouldn't say a damn thing to Chuck,or me.It went on like this for the better part of 2 weeks till he broke his silence. He was really pissed of at Chuck and I,both, He actually went to the drug store and bought a tube of Ben Gay and took it on his date,when it came to the time to fuck the virgin,and steal her cherry,he lubed up with a big gob of Ben Gay,and hung it to her,of course,it went to burning both of them,and he called 911 and rode the ambulance to the ER.To make things worse,he had to call this girls parents and tell them she was at the ER,and that he had used Ben Gay on her for sex lube.Needless to say she never dated Clause again.
This is a true story,the names have been changed to protect the innocent.Remember,always watch what you rub on,cause it might be the wrong thing.Ha Ha!!!WWWWOOOOOOOOO call the Fire Dept!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!!!

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8/23/2006 4:06 pm

Where in the hell can I find a virgin>>!

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