A good laugh!  

bigdaddie2955 63M
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8/22/2006 12:00 pm
A good laugh!

Well,I try to read as many blogs as possible,when I have the time,I get a good laugh out of some of them to say the least.If your day is going to hell in a hand basket,just read the AdultFriendFinder blogs,and your day will improve.I have read everything from why skinny men get more sex than fat men,to why longer dicks are better than short dicks.Ha Ha!What a deal!!I always thought that it isn't the size of the package,but the cute way you stick it in and wiggle it around! Ha Ha!Believe me,most women loves a dick that is just the right fit.Most of these women that are hunting big huge dicks,must have huge pussies,or something!Maybe because of the rumors that a big dick gives much more satisfaction than a small dick.Hell I dunno! All I know is that I can eat a woman's pussy and can make her cum for hours on end,almost to the point that she is a beggin me to stop cause she can't take anymore.I'm not bragging,as all men can do this to their women folks.I suck the clit up in between my lips and gently nibble on it and then suck it hard while I use my tongue to like it,this drives women crazy and most of the time it will bring on mutiple orgasms for her,sometimes to the point of squirting a gallon of cum out of her pussy.After this, then a man should mount her and fuck as hard as he can and this will bring her back to an explosive orgasm too.
So as I see it,size really doesn't matter,as long as you know what to do to please as woman in bed.Save the big huge dicks for those with worn out pussies,9 times outta 10,you'd probably not touch either side or the bottom in one of these type women anyway.Just give me a regular woman that needs to be pleasured in a good way,and forget about the huge pussied women...........Bigdaddie.

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