One Year Later  

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5/7/2005 1:55 pm

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One Year Later

It had been almost a year to the day that Shay entered my life and I entered her dressing room and I found myself wondering when my sex vixen would calm down..I mean isn't that the way it usually goes..hell for leather at first then calm and ritualistic thereafter with brief spurts passion. Shay had shown no signs to date of slowing down or getting tired of me and I was not complaining at all.
Most recently, she called me at work and said she was bringing some lunch to me. I could tell that it wasn't going to be the usual ham and Swiss either. But I was almost wrong. Shay arrived at my job site (I am a construction superintendent) with a tall Nordic blond whom she introduced as Kelly. Seems Shay ran into Kelly down at the beach, Kelly is down on vacation Shay said.. Alot of the guys down at the beach were bugging her so I laid down next to her and told them that she was with me.. Kelly looked at me and both her and Shay gave me the most wicked smile in the world.
Shay asked me how much longer I would have to work, I mean it was Saturday after all..All of the workers had left the job site a few hours earlier and I was using the down time to catch up on the daily paperwork. I said I was almost done, maybe an hour at most..
Shay said they'd like to take a tour of the job site and for me to come find them when I was done..It didn't escape my attention that both girls where wearing a bikini top, some very short shorts..and each had a beach towel wrapped around their waists....I didn't know for sure what was going to happen but knowing was going to be fun..
As I watched the two of them wiggle up to the building, I knew there wouldn't be much more work done,, well at least not on the paperwork.
I cleaned up my desk and did my best to kill about twenty mins..I had no idea what Shay was up too but I figured a half hour would be enough time for her to get it started...she was not one to waste much time.
I am building a drug store for one of the large chains..currently its in a early stage of construction..I have a roof, but no I didn't think it would be to hard to find Shay and Kelly...As I got closer to the building, my mind kicked into over drive as I imagined Shay and Kelly all tangled up and needing me to help them out..I walked into the building with all kinds of hot thoughts running through my mind, fully expecting to see Shay and Kelly, hopefully in some degree of undress, but they were no where to be found...I could hear them...but where the hell where they.
And then it hit me, they were on the roof. Of course, Perfect place to work on the tan..Shay was a master at getting someone's clothes off if that's what she wanted. As I neared the top of the roof hatch, I could hear the unmistakable moans of sex coming from the roof. My cock almost jumped out of my pants. Looking over the edge of the hatch, I could see Kelly lieing on her back on the beach towel, her nipples where hard, her back was arched and her head was thrown back...I could tell that Shay, who is an expert cockswoman, also had some talent when it came to pleasing the fairer sex. It was so erotic watching Shay pleasing Kelly. Shay was rubbing her own clit while she was licking Kelly and Kelly was rubbing her nipples and moaning loudly. Comparing Kellies cries of Bliss to what Shay does when I lick her clit I could tell that she had to be close to cumming..I just stayed there at the hatch, I didn't want to interrupt these two just yet...It was worth my wait..Kelly started screaming Shays name, telling her not to stop. Kelly let go of her nipples and grabbed the back of Shays head and pulled her deeper into her. Kelly raised her legs and locked them around Shays head...Shay was going nowhere until the deed was done, and from the animalistic sounds coming from Kelly, that moment was upon us. When Kelly finally climaxed, Shay and I got a surprise. Kelly is one of those rare women that squirt when she cums, and she thoroughly covered Shays face with her clear liquid. I almost fell from the ladder just watching this. Shay heard me, and licking her lips announced that it was time for desert. As I walked up to the naughty duo, Shay lay down on her back and asked me to do to her what she had just done to Kelly. I wasted no time dropping to my knees to give her just what she wanted..I have always enjoyed eating pussy, but with Shay, I love it. She has her pussy waxed and its as smooth as a babies ass, and the best part, and I kid you not..she tastes like fruit...I have asked her if she washes with a special soap and she says no..I don't know how it is that she tastes the way she does..but god I love it..and she loves it cause I do a thorough job on her..
I was building up a nice rhythm on her when I heard Kelly ask Shay if she could suck my cock..Kelly told Shay that she had eaten her pussy so well that she needed more and would she mind if Kelly sucked my cock. Shay told her to be her guest and that she was inform a treat cause I had a very nice size cock..I had never heard shay say this before and it only made me hotter and lick her pussy harder..
I accidentally discovered that shay loves to have her ass licked..(rimming) I was licking her out one night and accidentally went south of the border, seems Shay was close to cumming anyway and the feeling of my tongue on her ass threw here over the edge..she came hard and long...I held on for the full 8 seconds...
Well hearing Shay tell another beautiful woman how much she was going to enjoy sucking my cock made me want to give her a special treat so I worked my way lower from her pussy to her ass and started circling my tongue..she went ballistic..
Kelly had my pants off and was lieing under me sucking my cock for all it was worth..she wasn't able to take it all the way in the way Shay could, but she knew how to work the tool..I was finding it difficult to concentrate on Shay while Kelly was so focused on sucking me off.
I was the first to go, or cum as the case may be..Kelly had a firm grip on my cock and I thought I was in control but the next thing I knew I was cumming..and hard...and to her credit, she never stopped sucking the gallons of white milky seed that I sent flying out of my cock.
Shay was next, I had been toying with her for the last 5 minutes..And I knew the second I put my tongue in her ass she would loose it. And loose it she did. Very suddenly I shoved my tongue inside her and put two fingers inside her pussy and a thumb on her clit. She couldn't take anymore. I felt her hips lifting and I rose with her..she wrapped her legs around my back for leverage and support as wave after wave of orgasm racked her body. I continued to suck her clit gently as she came off her high.
Kelly was not going to be denied a parting shot. Seems when she took my cock out of her mouth she sat down on the beach towel Indian style and was working her clit over good while watching me finish Shay off. Shay was just beginning to quieted down when we heard Kelly crying out. we both turned to see her head tossed back, fingers working rapidly on her clit, breast heaving..and the best part of all...her chin was covered with my cum...I had never noticed it before...Shay must have noticed it too cause she got up and knelt down next to Kelly and started kissing her face. Shay looked up from Kelly smiling at me she said yummy Kelly you taste good..
Kelly announced that she thought she was going to enjoy the next 3 weeks of her vacation, Shay and I said we were going to enjoy her vacation as well.

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5/7/2005 5:39 pm

you lucky bastard you......

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