Spring is in the air  

bigboooiiing 42M
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3/23/2006 7:35 am
Spring is in the air

Spring is right around the corner and I can't wait to see all the fine ladies struting their stuff around Akron again. Skimpy clothing that leaves little to the imagination is okay with me. Maybe they'll be struting their stuff all over me if I'm lucky.
I love it when the ladies tease us with their low cut neck lines and low riding jeans (I've got a low rider for them!). Don't you just love it when the curve of the ass hangs out of their shorts just a bit? MMMMM, MMMMM Good!
Hey, I've been wondering. What profession gets the most action besides the obvious of selling sex? OBGYN? I wonder how much he gets on the side. Life Gaurd? He is in a hero worship position. President? It worked for Clinton.

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