Just Imagine Part 2  

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4/7/2006 7:05 am

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Just Imagine Part 2

Just Imagining again...Part Two:
She had wanted this for so long and worked so hard to find the right person. And now he was right where she wanted him; inbetween her legs. It had been over 7 months since she had sex and she felt like she was going to cum right from the moment he gazed deep into her seductive eyes. She needed him just as much as he needed her.
Her friend warned her that he was a hottie and that she might get addicted but she didn't care anymore. She ached from wanting him so bad: though, she would never say it even though she wanted to scream it at the top of her lungs.
Her love hole was so steamy and wet that her thighs trembled with every touch from this man. She pushed him back down to her pussy. Do it again she begged with a voice that no man could resist.
Brian (that's me) sneaked down to her pussy once more, making sure to kiss, lick and nibble ever inch of her along the way. She couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed his head with full locks of hair inbetween her fingers and forced him to lick her clit again.
His tongue was amazing. She had never felt anything like it before; so soft and gentle but also a sharpened tool. Brian looked up to she her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her juices tasted so sweet and he thought he couldn't wait to hear her cry in estacy agian.
Just then, her body tightened as she began to ride his face up and down. She couldn't hold it back anymore. She wanted to scream but she wasn't ready yet. Her mouth gapped open but no words could describe what she was feeling.
Brian looked up to see a single tear fall from her eye. He got up and kissed it away with his soft lips. "That good huh?" he asked and she just grabbed him to her mouth.
She engulfed his face in hers. Their tongues began to explore eachother as if this was all new territory. Poking and proding, she turned to straddle Brian; never once releasing his tongue from her mouth.
She slipped the head of his trobbing cock into her creamy hole. She wanted it filled so bad but she was going to tease him to make sure he wanted it just as bad as she did. She bobbed up and Brian grabbed her to go back down but she was going to be stubborn on purpuse.
She wanted him to get rough. He looked up at her with pleading eyes. She knew she had complete control of him and his cock. No more games, he grinned and grabbed her hair and forced her to slide down on his swelling cock. "Oh damn that fells so good," he moaned and she grinned with pleasure as well.

luciouslady49 63F
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4/7/2006 3:08 pm

Wow Brian made me wet just reading it oh to be on that end of the action..You are one hott guy and I enjoyed reading this ..mmmm huggs..

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