men cant you read???  

bigboobssabrin 41F
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9/2/2006 1:13 pm

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1/19/2009 2:08 am

men cant you read???

how hard can it be i get like 10 emails a day or more by guys and only 1or 2 i may want 2 talk 2, as most guys don't read profiles of what i want, some guys start of u want a fuck 2nite or I'm in coventry do u want 2 come 2 my hotel room, but if u read my profile i wont and cant do it.. my kids come 1st and lots of weirdos on here its the internet. all i want to do is chat to you see if we click on here then i meet for a coffee fair enough i know i make it harder as i have no babysitter so can only do daytime when kids r at school is all i can do i don't think its right for a man i don't know to come 2 my home where my kids r . then every now and again find a guy that can chat give me what I'm looking for we make a date and he chickens out at the end of it and blanks me that really does my head its worst than time wasters sometimes.i miss sex alot and just want to find the guy i can have a laugh with and great sex all night and leave when i say so but 2 many guys on here wanted a quick fix over the net may give up the sex dating lack and just have no sex it be better than chatting 2 time wasters

rm_moonboy23 37M
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9/25/2006 10:39 am

very interesting

Where exactly you prefer the tip of tongue

iwantaman4me0 41F

4/9/2008 1:42 pm

i very much understand that

love it

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