It's all my fault!!!  

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5/5/2006 8:42 pm

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It's all my fault!!!

It's all my fault that the UCONN Huskies lost to GMU. My ego was so wrapped up in in them and the gods noted that I was seeking no-ego and they said that I could not be wrapped up in all that winning and school pride if I want no ego. That is why they lost. I can't help it when UCONNhas accomplished what no other school has accomplished. 2 NCAA National Championships in one year for the Women's Basketball Team and the Men's Basketball Team. I went to the parade in Hartford, CT. The streets were packed for miles. The crowds were cheering. The pride was so wonderful as it washed over my body as cool rejuvinating waters. The energy was wonderous. As i watch myself in it, I see how fleeting this is. And I remember the poem that goes:

How wonderous it is.
When a person shall see a flash of lightning,
And think not that life is fleeting.

I will let my pride flow over me and through me. I will let all these flow over me and through me until all that remains is my essense.




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