The dawning of a new era  

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8/5/2006 6:29 am

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The dawning of a new era

Having been inspired by the quirky/sexy blog of [LondonDerriere] just now, I've decided to take up the mantle and get a little bit creative myself.

Whilst my blog will undoubtably fall short of the likes of dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, hopefully it'll be able to bring a smile to the readers face every now and again (that is of course if I have any readers).

So, an introduction...

What do I do? Isn't that always the first thing that people ask, as if what you do defines you? Hell, maybe it does, in which case I'm a pimp daddy, deep sea trawlerman poet. Wishfull thinking. I'm actually in marketing, which to some makes me akin to Satan, but without the great CD collection. I don't think marketing's all bad, in fact I really enjoy it, although possibly this is because I'm ever so slightly megalomanical - and I love the fact that what I do influences peoples decisions.

Another huge factor in my life is my lady, Jana (that's her bottom you can see in our profile). I'll make no bones about it, I love Jana, and thank the lord that she claims to love me back - how lucky am I? We've been together for a few years now, and are living in the most suburban of suburbs, Surbiton. Fun, sexy, kind - Jana's all these things, and she's also got a similiar outlook on life as me - generally very optimistic.

Domestic bliss.... arrhhhhhh! "So guys, why are you on a site for , and lets be honest here, people who want to fuck other people?" I hear you say. It's a fair question, and to which we'd answer "It's because loving and fucking are two very different things".

We'be both got a very male way of thinking. Have you ever wondered why it is that gay men have so much fun? It's quite simple, men are very good at breaking apart the boundaries between the physical and the emotional. The result is a hedonistic lifestyle that can be very sexually rewarding (I.e. Fun)

Growing up, both me and Jana loved the thrill of the hunt, being able to go into a club or a pub and knowing that by the end of the night we'd be undressing the best looking person in there. Even today, the thrill of flirting with a stranger, the knowledge of your impending sexual exploration, being able to take someone who you've only just laid eyes on, and by the force of your personality and physical attractiveness your chance to possess them for a night. Still makes us tingle. Why lose out on one of the grestest legal highs out there? Why indeed?

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