Sex and drugs and... well, pretty much just those really  

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8/8/2006 1:38 pm

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Sex and drugs and... well, pretty much just those really

Pretty much of us all here do the sex thing, a few might do the drug thing. But how many amongst you enjoy doing the two at the same time?

Now, I'm not talking about smacking up whilst giving fellatio, but I am talking about the softer options that put the spice back into life.

Now, before I start talking about the pro's and cons of narcotic nymphomania, it's probably best I make my own position clear on the subject. I love drugs. I love coffee, I love the endorphins I get from working out, I love the dopamine I get from making love and being in love, and I love the seratonin I get from chocolate. I love getting drunk with my friends, and on occasion I have been known to enjoy a cigarette (although I admit this is becoming more of a rarity). I'm a smart guy, and I'm cynical enough to know that all we are is a collection of chemicals and hormones whooshing around our bodies making us who we are. I have no objections to occasionally messing with the balance of these chemicals - just so long as these occasions never become life style choices. I have no time for people who want to impose their values onto mine, and I have no compulsion to enforce my views onto others. I have never taken heroin or crack (addiction removes the element of freewill that I believe so strongly in) and never intend to. I'm in the best physical and mental condition I have ever been in in my life. So there!

Now, back to the good stuff

What's the best sex/drugs combination?

God, with so many options to choose from there are almost too few days in the year. The most popular sex drug is undoubtably one you've already tried. I sometimes wonder if the human race would ever procreate without Long Island iced teas. Of course, this particular drug has its down sides - as any guy will tell you. The trick is finding your balance (for men as well as women). Just the right amount of alcohol can release inhibitions, prolng sex and intensify the orgasm. Too much and you might as well be paraplegic from the waste down

My own particular favourite 'cocktail' of drugs is one that used to be readily available to most UK urbanites. Ten grams of fresh magic mushroom (possibly cooked in a romantic meal for two), E, and a viagra for the guy (to counteract the muscular penile tension of the E). Since becoming illegal a few months back (don't even get me started on this), mushrooms are harder to come by in the UK. I'd recomend growing your own (get growing/buying tips on line or simply go for a walk in the Countryside in early October). Set the mood with romantic music, dim the lights and wait for the highs to come. The physical and emotional connection you feel with the person you're with can be truly mind blowing (both myself and Jana have experienced multiple orgasms on this combination).

Coke, do you, or don't you? Well, let's be honest, most city types do - or at least have. I don't know too many city bankers who have never dabbled, and it upsets me to say that some do a damn site more than dabbling. Sex on coke can be great - taking a line off a beautiful womans back, teasing her clit with just a dab of the white stuff, or even placing a small amount on the tip of your cock before entering her (I even knew a guy who'd blow a small amount up his ladies anus with a straw before sex). It's all good. That is of course, until it isn't. We all know the effects of too much coke, and whilst a little can keep you going all night, too much and you might as well get out the Monopoly board and Buffy the Vampire slayer Box set, cos there ain't too much else you're going to be doing with your time. As with all things in life - moderation, and this applies even more so to Charlie. It's very easy to cross the line between occasional user, and habitual user, and once that line's crossed it's not easy going back!

Poppers (Amyl Nitrate) are great for anal sex (they really loosen the muscles), but don't mix it with E. Also, don't expect too many live brain cells in the morning.

Speed in my experience is a dirty drug that makes you talk crap (a bit like coke in that respect). However, I have had some friends who've had fantastic experiences on it - just keep the Viagra to hand should things head South.

Acid is a very similiar trip to mushrooms (but not quite an organic feel). As with mushrooms, set and setting are very important, so don't go taking these drugs with people you don't feel comfortable with, or in situations that you don't feel at ease. Both LSD and Psilocybin (mushrooms/cactus) are empthatic drugs (LCD was originally developed as an aid to counselling)- this means they'll bring you emotionally and mentally closer to the person you're with, just make sure you like the person!

There are so many other drugs, some good, some bad, that I haven't got the time or wrist strength to write about them all. If I get good feedback from you readers, I'll think about adding a sequel to this blog. Enjoy your bodies, use them, but be safe.


timmy4038 35M

8/11/2006 3:45 pm

sex n drugs go well believe me

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