Yes, I Am A Wrestling Fan  

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6/8/2006 8:41 pm

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Yes, I Am A Wrestling Fan

Many times, I've mentioned what a huge nerd and dork I am. Well, this blog will bear witness to that. After reading Princess Karma's blog about luchadors, I had to do this blog. I had to come clean, even if it means turning off potential female suitors.

For many years , and to this day (but not as much), I was, without hesitation, the world's biggest wrestling fan. Blame that on Vince McMahon. His World Wrestling Federation traveling show was the biggest thing going back in the mid-80s, and like many other kids, I was hooked. (Living in the Northeast, you watched WWF. From Maryland on down, you watched NWA. That's just how it was, due to the territories from the old days, where WWF emerged from the New York/Boston/Philly territory, and NWA emerged from the Mid-Atlantic, Georgia and Florida territories.) Hulk Hogan was God to me back in the day, Gorilla Monsoon was our wise man, Jesse Ventura was the great antagonist, and a vast array of characters ranging from "Macho Man" Randy Savage to Junkyard Dog to Tito Santana to the evil Triumvirate of Managers (Bobby Heenan/Jimmy Hart/"The Doctor of Style" Slick) were the colorful supporting cast. It was a glorious time to be a wrestling fan.

I can even name the match that won me over. March 1988, Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC, Hulk Hogan taking on "King" Harley Race. (Of course, I had no idea of Harley Race's legendary NWA career when I was a kid. I just knew him as a bad guy with weird tattoos, a sandpaper voice, and purple crown and cape stolen from Prince's wardrobe.) Being this was the "Say your prayers, take your vitamins" days, Hogan won, but not before Harley Race laid Hogan across a ringside table, only to crash right through it when Hogan barely escaped, thus ending Race's career legit. This was the first ever nationally-known "table spot" in North America, pre-dating Sabu's use of it by at least 3 years and the WWF's fetish with that spot by 7 years.

(Is it sinking it yet what a dweeb I am?)

Throughout the rest of the 1980s and all through the 1990s, I continued to watch the WWF (and eventually, WCW and ECW) religiously, much to the chagrin of my dad, who HATED it, and I really can't blame him in retrospect. Wanna know the easiest way to a great report card? Just take away the wrestling. That usually raised that D to a B! It worked every time, too.

In 1994, when both the WWF and WCW began to suck, my interest waned. Then, magically, ECW came along on the satellite dish (every Friday night/Saturday morning at 3 AM!), and I was hooked to THAT. Wisely, the WWF copied what ECW was doing, which became the Attitude Era (1998-2001), where Steve Austin, The Rock, and my main man Mick Foley were the new icons, while WCW countered with the nWo, Chris Jericho, and more luchadors than you knew what to do with. (Many of whom, like Rey Mysterio and the late Eddie Guerrero, became stars in their own right.)

Then, as I grew up, went to college, and discovered that magical land of happiness known as sexual intercourse, wrestling became a thing of my past. Not completely, though: I still have a LOT of wrestling tapes and DVDs (especially Mick Foley comps), catch WWE (they had to change it when the World Wildlife Fund won the "WWF" rights) and TNA every now and again, and have caught some stuff from the post-ECW dominant independent promotion, Ring of Honor. But by and large, I don't follow wrestling with the fervor I used to. That's kinda hard to do now when many wrestlers of my youth have died (and are dying) young at a startling rate, and WWE has become so predictable, it's not funny.

Maybe it's just as well. Sooner or later, I will probably get married, and I suspect the Ms. will want to know why I have over 200+ wrestling tapes and DVDs. And I suspect I'll have to get rid of them all (but not the Foley ones- he's my role model, dammit!). It'll be for the better.

But as much as I look forward to the future, if I could built a time machine, I would want to go back just once to a Saturday morning when I was a kid, and let the WWF perform its magic one last time on a young, wide-eyed, not-yet-jaded kid that I was. I do miss that innocence not yet ripped away by the mean intentions of school bullies and the harsh realities of real life. Back when bodyslams didn't look like they hurt, wrestlers feared no man and felt no pain, spandex tights was the fashion sense of the day, and wearing a big belt buckle disguised as a championship belt would get you admiration rather than snickers.

And Hulk truly did rule all.

"Today may be the first day of the rest of your life, unless you live on the other side of the International Date Line, then yesterday was the first day of the rest of your life."- Larry Andersen

docdirk 49M

6/8/2006 9:41 pm

E C Dub E C Dub E C Dub....

I too grew up a huge wrestling fan. Rowdy Roddy Piper, Chief J Strongbow, Polish Power Ivan Putzki all the way through the young Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Then, I lost interest during the late 80's and early 90's. Two things drew me back, without my even intending to return: ECW and Stone Cold Steve Austin. My 12 y/o nephew is a huge fan. We'll be getting together this Sunday for ECW one night stand. (Go RVD!!!)

Thanks for the courage to stand up with you!!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

bigandtallreturn 38M

6/9/2006 7:36 am

Ah yes, RVD... he of the gymnastics and the pro-weed lifestyle. (He has appeared on High Times several times.) The biggest mistake ECW ever made was not making him World champion. RVD tells you he didn't need the belt, but by having someone other than Rob hold the title, did hurt ECW somewhat in the long run.

"Today may be the first day of the rest of your life, unless you live on the other side of the International Date Line, then yesterday was the first day of the rest of your life."- Larry Andersen

PrincessKarma 45F
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6/9/2006 11:06 am

No more of a dweeb than I am a geek.

Oh. My. God.

Did I just admit to that?

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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